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6 Pack: Fuel Filter


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  • Model: PF-2200B000110
  • Manufactured by: K&N


  • *Kit Contents: 6 of MPN PF-2200
  • Filter Material: Cellulose Media
  • Length: 5.625 in (143 mm)
  • Outside Diameter: 3 in (76 mm)
  • Package Contents: 1 Fuel Filter
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Product Box Height: 7.40 in (188 mm)
  • Product Box Length: 3.30 in (84 mm)
  • Product Box Width: 3.20 in (81 mm)
  • Product Style: Fuel Filters
  • Product Weight: 0.50 lb (0.23 kg)
  • Weight: 0.5 lb (0.2 kg)
  • XREF # - AC Delco: GF510
  • XREF # - All-O-Matic: 5535
  • XREF # - Auto Par: FE243
  • XREF # - Auto Pride: CG3802AP
  • XREF # - Avatar: FF567
  • XREF # - Baldwin: BF966
  • XREF # - Barad: FG800
  • XREF # - Beck/Arnley: 0430875
  • XREF # - Big A: 95097
  • XREF # - Bosch: 71542
  • XREF # - Bravo: BG3169
  • XREF # - Canadian Tire: 2335784
  • XREF # - Carcare: GF800
  • XREF # - Carquest: 86097MP
  • XREF # - Casite: CG3802
  • XREF # - Caterpillar: 3I1590
  • XREF # - Champ: G800
  • XREF # - Chevrolet: 88915428
  • XREF # - Citgo: G800
  • XREF # - Cobra: FDF560
  • XREF # - Deutsch: FF679
  • XREF # - Donaldson: P550126
  • XREF # - Driveworks: DW65455
  • XREF # - Firestone: FF3802
  • XREF # - Fleetguard: FF5097
  • XREF # - Fleetrite: FFR85097
  • XREF # - Ford: YL8Z9155AA
  • XREF # - Fram: G3802A
  • XREF # - Fuel Miser: FI0126
  • XREF # - GK Industries: FG800
  • XREF # - Gonher: GG47
  • XREF # - Goodyear: G3802
  • XREF # - Haiye: HF8460
  • XREF # - Hastings: GF115
  • XREF # - Installer Edge: G3802A
  • XREF # - Kem: GF811
  • XREF # - Kralinator: G107
  • XREF # - Lazorlite: L116615
  • XREF # - Luber-Finer: G800
  • XREF # - Lucas: F66
  • XREF # - Mann-Hummel: MF1002
  • XREF # - Master Parts: G800
  • XREF # - Max Lube: MF63169
  • XREF # - Mazda: ZZM013470ACA
  • XREF # - Mighty: FG800
  • XREF # - Mobil: G800
  • XREF # - Motorcraft: FG873
  • XREF # - Napa: 3097
  • XREF # - National Standard: 2910012385197
  • XREF # - Original Engine Management: FF18
  • XREF # - Original Equipment Plus: FF862
  • XREF # - Parts Plus: G800
  • XREF # - PartsMaster: 73097
  • XREF # - Pentius: PFB63169
  • XREF # - Phillips 66: PF3169
  • XREF # - Power Train Components: PG3802A
  • XREF # - Precision Tune: FG800
  • XREF # - Premium Guard: PF5455
  • XREF # - Primeguard: PFF8758
  • XREF # - Pro Gauge: G3802
  • XREF # - Pro-Bilt: PBG3169
  • XREF # - Pro-Tec: 510MP
  • XREF # - Pronto: PG3802
  • XREF # - Purepro: F65455
  • XREF # - Purolator: F63169
  • XREF # - Qap Filters: WT8880
  • XREF # - Quaker State: QSG3802A
  • XREF # - Ryco: Z601
  • XREF # - Security: G800
  • XREF # - Service Champ: 54062
  • XREF # - Service Pro: SPGF800
  • XREF # - Sofima: 3162401
  • XREF # - Sunoco: G15
  • XREF # - Tecfil: GI061
  • XREF # - Tecneco: IN100
  • XREF # - Texaco: TG19
  • XREF # - Triton: G800
  • XREF # - Trust: G800
  • XREF # - TVI: FG800A
  • XREF # - Union 76: UF510
  • XREF # - Valvoline: VG16
  • XREF # - Walmi: WG3802
  • XREF # - Warner: G800
  • XREF # - Web: WG3802A
  • XREF # - Wells: GF142
  • XREF # - WIX: 33097MP
  • XREF # - Woodgate: WGF5097
  • XREF # - World Parts: W27210
K&N Performance Fuel Filters are built for high flow rates and capacity while they provide outstanding filtration. They have a high strength carbon steel housing and a high performance rolled seam that exceeds OEM pressure requirements. Their high performance cellulose glass media traps contaminants such as rust, dirt, scale and other foreign materials.

This part fits the following

AutomotiveFordContour19952.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour19952.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour19962.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour19962.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour19972.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour19972.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour19982.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour19982.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour19992.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour19992.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour20002.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour20002.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour SVT19982.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour SVT19992.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordContour SVT20002.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordCountry Squire19875.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordCountry Squire19885.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordCountry Squire19895.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordCountry Squire19905.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordCountry Squire19915.0L V8 F/I1Mexico
AutomotiveFordCrown Victoria19924.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordCrown Victoria19934.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordCrown Victoria19944.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordCrown Victoria19954.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordCrown Victoria19964.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordCrown Victoria19974.6L V8 F/I1US
AutomotiveFordEscort19831.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19861.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19871.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19881.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19891.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19901.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19911.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19921.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19921.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19931.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19931.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19941.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19951.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19961.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort19961.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort GT19891.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort GT19911.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort GT19921.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort GT19931.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort GT19941.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEscort GT19951.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEXP19831.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEXP19851.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEXP19861.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEXP19871.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordEXP19881.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGhia19902.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGhia19912.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGhia19922.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGhia19933.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGhia19943.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGrand Marquis19924.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGrand Marquis19934.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGrand Marquis19944.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGrand Marquis19954.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGrand Marquis19964.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGrand Marquis19974.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGrand Marquis19984.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordLTD19835.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordLTD19843.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordLTD19845.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordLTD19853.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordLTD19855.0L V8 CARB1
AutomotiveFordLTD19855.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordLTD19863.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordLTD19865.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordLTD Crown Victoria19875.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordLTD Crown Victoria19885.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordLTD Crown Victoria19895.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordLTD Crown Victoria19905.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordLTD Crown Victoria19915.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19832.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19842.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19843.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19845.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19852.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19853.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19855.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19862.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19863.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19865.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19872.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19875.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19882.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19885.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19892.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19895.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19902.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19905.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19912.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19915.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19922.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19925.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19932.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19935.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19943.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19945.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19953.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19955.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19963.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19964.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19973.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang19974.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang GT19964.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang GT19974.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang SVT Cobra19945.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang SVT Cobra19955.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang SVT Cobra19964.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMustang SVT Cobra19974.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMystique19952.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMystique19952.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMystique19962.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMystique19962.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMystique19972.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMystique19972.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMystique19982.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMystique19982.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMystique19992.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMystique19992.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMystique20002.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMystique20002.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordProbe19903.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordProbe19913.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordProbe19923.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19903.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19903.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19913.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19913.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19923.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19923.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19933.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19933.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19943.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19943.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19953.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19953.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19963.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19973.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19983.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable19993.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordSable20003.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19862.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19863.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19872.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19873.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19882.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19883.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19883.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19892.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19893.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19893.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19902.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19903.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19903.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19912.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19913.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19913.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19923.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19923.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19933.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19933.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19943.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19943.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19953.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19953.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19963.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19963.4L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19973.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19973.4L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19983.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19983.4L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19993.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus19993.4L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus20003.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus LX19963.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus LX19973.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus SHO19893.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus SHO19903.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus SHO19913.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus SHO19923.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus SHO19933.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus SHO19933.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus SHO19943.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus SHO19943.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus SHO19953.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTaurus SHO19953.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19852.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19862.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19872.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19882.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19892.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19902.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19912.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19922.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19923.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19932.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19933.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19942.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTempo19943.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19832.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19835.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19842.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19843.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19845.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19852.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19853.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19855.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19862.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19863.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19865.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19872.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19873.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19875.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19882.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19883.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveFordThunderbird19885.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTopaz19902.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTopaz19912.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTopaz19922.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTopaz19932.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordTopaz19942.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19835.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19845.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19855.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19865.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19875.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19883.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19893.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19903.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19913.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19923.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19933.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19943.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19954.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19964.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19974.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19984.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental19994.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental20004.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental20014.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnContinental20024.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnMark VI19835.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnMark VII19845.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnMark VII19855.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnMark VII19865.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnMark VII19875.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnMark VII19885.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnMark VII19895.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnMark VII19905.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnMark VII19915.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnMark VII19925.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19835.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19845.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19855.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19865.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19875.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19885.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19895.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19905.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19914.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19924.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19934.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19944.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19954.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19964.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveLincolnTown Car19974.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCapri19832.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCapri19842.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCapri19843.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCapri19845.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCapri19853.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCapri19855.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCapri19863.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCapri19865.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryColony Park19875.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryColony Park19885.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryColony Park19895.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryColony Park19905.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryColony Park19915.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19835.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19842.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19843.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19845.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19852.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19853.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19855.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19862.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19863.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19865.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19873.8L V6 MFI1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19873.8L V6 TBI1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19875.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19883.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19885.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19895.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19905.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19915.0L V8 F/I1Mexico
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19925.0L V8 F/I1Mexico
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19935.0L V8 F/I1Mexico
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19992.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar19992.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar20002.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar20002.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar20012.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar20012.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar20022.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryCougar20022.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19835.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19845.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19855.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19865.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19875.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19885.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19895.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19905.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19915.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19924.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19934.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19944.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19954.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19964.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19974.6L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis19984.6L V8 F/I1Mexico
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis20053.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis20063.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis20073.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryGrand Marquis20083.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryLN719831.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryLynx19831.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryLynx19861.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryLynx19871.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMarquis19843.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMarquis19853.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMarquis19855.0L V8 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMarquis19863.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMilan20062.3L L4 F/I1Mexico
AutomotiveMercuryMilan20072.3L L4 F/I1Mexico
AutomotiveMercuryMilan20082.3L L4 F/I1Mexico
AutomotiveMercuryMilan20092.3L L4 F/I1Mexico
AutomotiveMercuryMystique19952.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMystique19952.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMystique19962.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMystique19962.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMystique19972.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMystique19972.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMystique19982.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMystique19982.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMystique19992.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMystique19992.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMystique20002.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryMystique20002.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19862.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19863.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19873.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19883.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19883.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19893.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19893.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19903.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19903.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19913.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19913.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19923.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19923.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19933.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19933.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19943.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19943.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19953.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19953.8L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19963.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19973.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19983.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable19993.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercurySable20003.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19852.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19862.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19872.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19882.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19892.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19902.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19912.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19922.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19923.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19932.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19933.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19942.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTopaz19943.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTracer19911.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTracer19911.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTracer19921.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTracer19921.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTracer19931.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTracer19931.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTracer19941.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTracer19941.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTracer19951.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTracer19951.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTracer19961.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMercuryTracer19961.9L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMerkurXR4Ti19852.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMerkurXR4Ti19862.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMerkurXR4Ti19872.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMerkurXR4Ti19882.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMerkurXR4Ti19892.3L L4 F/I1
SUVFordBronco19865.0L V8 F/I1In-line Filter
SUVFordBronco19874.9L L6 F/I1
SUVFordBronco19875.0L V8 F/I1
SUVFordBronco19884.9L L6 F/I1
SUVFordBronco19885.0L V8 F/I1
SUVFordBronco19885.8L V8 F/I1
SUVFordBronco19894.9L L6 F/I1
SUVFordBronco19895.0L V8 F/I1
SUVFordBronco19895.8L V8 F/I1
SUVFordBronco19904.9L L6 F/I1US
SUVFordBronco19905.0L V8 F/I1US
SUVFordBronco19905.8L V8 F/I1US
SUVFordBronco19914.9L L6 F/I1US
SUVFordBronco19915.0L V8 F/I1US
SUVFordBronco19915.8L V8 F/I1US
SUVFordBronco II19862.9L V6 F/I1In-line Filter
SUVFordBronco II19872.9L V6 F/I1In-line Filter
SUVFordBronco II19882.9L V6 F/I1
SUVFordBronco II19892.9L V6 F/I1
SUVFordBronco II19902.9L V6 F/I1
SUVFordBronco II19904.0L V6 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20012.0L L4 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20013.0L V6 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20022.0L L4 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20023.0L V6 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20032.0L L4 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20033.0L V6 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20042.0L L4 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20043.0L V6 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20052.0L L4 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20052.3L L4 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20053.0L V6 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20062.3L L4 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20063.0L V6 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20072.3L L4 F/I1
SUVFordEscape20073.0L V6 F/I1
SUVFordEscape Hybrid20052.3L L4 F/I1
SUVFordEscape Hybrid20062.3L L4 F/I1
SUVFordEscape Hybrid20072.3L L4 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20012.0L L4 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20013.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20022.0L L4 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20023.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20032.0L L4 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20033.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20042.0L L4 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20043.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20052.3L L4 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20053.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20062.3L L4 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20063.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20072.3L L4 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20073.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute20082.3L L4 F/I1Mexico
SUVMazdaTribute20083.0L V6 F/I1Mexico
SUVMazdaTribute20092.3L L4 F/I1
SUVMazdaTribute Hybrid20082.3L L4 F/I1Mexico
SUVMercuryMariner20052.3L L4 F/I1
SUVMercuryMariner20053.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMercuryMariner20062.3L L4 F/I1
SUVMercuryMariner20063.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMercuryMariner20072.3L L4 F/I1
SUVMercuryMariner20073.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMercuryMariner20082.3L L4 F/I1Mexico
SUVMercuryMariner Hybrid20062.3L L4 F/I1
SUVMercuryMariner Hybrid20072.3L L4 F/I1
SUVMercuryMariner Hybrid20082.3L L4 F/I1Mexico
TruckFordF Super Duty19887.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF Super Duty19897.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019865.0L V8 F/I1In-line Filter
TruckFordF15019874.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF15019875.0L V8 CARB1
TruckFordF15019875.0L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019884.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF15019885.0L V8 CARB1
TruckFordF15019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019885.8L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019887.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019894.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF15019895.0L V8 CARB1
TruckFordF15019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019895.8L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019897.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019904.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF15019905.0L V8 CARB1
TruckFordF15019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019905.8L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019907.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019914.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF15019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019915.8L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF15019917.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019865.0L V8 F/I1In-line Filter
TruckFordF25019874.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF25019875.0L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019884.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF25019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019885.8L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019887.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019894.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF25019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019895.8L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019897.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019904.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF25019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019905.8L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019907.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019914.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF25019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019915.8L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF25019917.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF35019874.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF35019875.0L V8 CARB1
TruckFordF35019884.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF35019885.0L V8 CARB1
TruckFordF35019885.8L V8 CARB1
TruckFordF35019885.8L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF35019887.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF35019894.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF35019895.0L V8 CARB1
TruckFordF35019895.8L V8 CARB1
TruckFordF35019895.8L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF35019897.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF35019904.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF35019905.0L V8 CARB1
TruckFordF35019905.8L V8 CARB1
TruckFordF35019905.8L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF35019907.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF35019914.9L L6 F/I1
TruckFordF35019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF35019915.8L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF35019917.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF45019907.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF45019917.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF450 Super Duty19887.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF450 Super Duty19897.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF5319887.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF5319897.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF5319907.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordF5319917.5L V8 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19852.3L L4 F/I1In-line Filter
TruckFordRanger19862.3L L4 F/I1In-line Filter
TruckFordRanger19862.9L V6 F/I1In-line Filter
TruckFordRanger19872.3L L4 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19872.9L V6 F/I1In-line Filter
TruckFordRanger19882.3L L4 F/I1In-line Filter
TruckFordRanger19882.9L V6 F/I1US
TruckFordRanger19892.3L L4 F/I1In-line Filter
TruckFordRanger19892.9L V6 F/I1US, In-line Filter
TruckFordRanger19902.3L L4 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19902.9L V6 F/I1US
TruckFordRanger19904.0L V6 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19912.3L L4 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19913.0L V6 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19922.3L L4 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19923.0L V6 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19932.3L L4 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19933.0L V6 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19934.0L V6 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19942.3L L4 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19943.0L V6 F/I1
TruckFordRanger19944.0L V6 F/I1
TruckMazdaB230019942.3L L4 F/I1
TruckMazdaB230019952.3L L4 F/I1Mexico
TruckMazdaB230019962.3L L4 F/I1Mexico
TruckMazdaB230019972.3L L4 F/I1Mexico
TruckMazdaB300019943.0L V6 F/I1
TruckMazdaB300019953.0L V6 F/I1Mexico
TruckMazdaB300019963.0L V6 F/I1Mexico
TruckMazdaB300019973.0L V6 F/I1Mexico
TruckMazdaB400019944.0L V6 F/I1
TruckMazdaB400019954.0L V6 F/I1Mexico
TruckMazdaB400019964.0L V6 F/I1Mexico
TruckMazdaB400019974.0L V6 F/I1Mexico
VanFordAerostar19862.3L L4 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19863.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19872.3L L4 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19873.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19883.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19893.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19903.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19904.0L V6 F/I1US
VanFordAerostar19913.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19914.0L V6 F/I1US
VanFordAerostar19923.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19924.0L V6 F/I1US
VanFordAerostar19933.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19934.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19943.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19944.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19953.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19954.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19963.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19964.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19973.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordAerostar19974.0L V6 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19865.0L V8 F/I1In-line Filter
VanFordE150 Econoline19874.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19875.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19884.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19885.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19885.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19887.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19894.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19895.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19895.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19897.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19904.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19905.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19905.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19907.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19914.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19915.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19915.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline19917.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19865.0L V8 F/I1In-line Filter
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19874.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19875.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19884.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19885.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19885.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19894.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19895.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19895.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19904.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19905.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19905.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19914.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19915.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE150 Econoline Club Wagon19915.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19865.0L V8 F/I1In-line Filter
VanFordE250 Econoline19874.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19875.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19884.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19885.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19885.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19894.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19895.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19895.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19904.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19905.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19905.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19914.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19915.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline19915.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19874.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19884.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19885.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19887.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19894.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19895.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19897.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19904.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19905.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19907.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19914.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19915.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE250 Econoline Club Wagon19917.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19874.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19875.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19877.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19884.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19885.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19885.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19887.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19894.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19895.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19895.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19897.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19904.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19905.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19905.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19907.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19914.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19915.0L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19915.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline19917.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19874.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19884.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19885.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19887.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19894.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19895.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19897.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19904.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19905.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19907.5L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19914.9L L6 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19915.8L V8 F/I1
VanFordE350 Econoline Club Wagon19917.5L V8 F/I1

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