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Brute Force Intake System - For Chevrolet/GMC P/U 5.7l V8 88-95

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  • Model: 21-8001DP
  • Dimensional Shipping Weight: 29lbs
  • Manufactured by: AEM


For Chevrolet/GMC P/U 5.7l V8 88-95

  • Air Box Included: No
  • Air Filter Color: Red
  • Air Filter Height: 9.188 in (233 mm)
  • Air Filter Large End Diameter: 6 in (152 mm)
  • Air Filter Material: Non-woven Synthetic
  • Air Filter Outlet Length: 4 in (102 mm)
  • Air Filter Outlet Shape: Round
  • Air Filter Outlet Width: 4 in (102 mm)
  • Air Filter Washable: Yes
  • CARB EO Number: D-670-15
  • Clamp Color/Finish: Natural
  • Clamp Material: Steel
  • Clamp Style: Regular
  • Clamps Included: 3
  • Color: Polished
  • Coupler Color/Finish: Not Applicable
  • Couplers Included: None
  • Intake Pipe Color / Finish: Polished
  • Intake Pipe Inlet Length: 37 in (940 mm)
  • Intake Pipe Inlet Shape: Round
  • Intake Pipe Inlet Width: 4 in (102 mm)
  • Intake Pipe Material: Aluminum
  • Intake Pipe Outlet Length: 37 in (940 mm)
  • Intake Pipe Outlet Shape: Round
  • Intake Pipe Outlet Width: 4 in (102 mm)
  • Intake Pipe Ports: All intake tube ports needed for the specified applications are included
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor Adapter Included: Mass Air Flow Sensor Adapter Included When Required
  • Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
  • Oil Included: No Filter Oil Required
  • Power Spacer included: Yes
  • Product Box Height: 14.94 in (379 mm)
  • Product Box Length: 22.20 in (564 mm)
  • Product Box Width: 14.50 in (368 mm)
  • Product Style: AEM Brute Force Intake System
  • Product Weight: 15.42 lb (7.01 kg)
  • Replacement Filter: 21-2059DK
  • UPC: 840879013790
  • Vacuum Tubing Included: No
  • Weight: 15.4 lb (7 kg)
The AEM 21-8001DP Brute Force Air Intake System produce horsepower and torque gains by replacing the vehicle's restrictive factory air filter and air intake housing. This air intake system was designed, tuned and dyno-tested to fit specific vehicle models. Air enters the system through an extra-large AEM Dryflow synthetic washable air filter for outstanding air flow, filtration and performance. The air filter is relocated to the passenger side fender well and is protected by a heat shield which is designed to reduce intake air temperature and increase horsepower. The intake tube connects to an AEM intake plenum which replaces the stock air cleaner housing and directs air evenly into the engine throttle body. The intake tubing is constructed from mandrel-bent aluminum featuring a durable chrome-like finish. The tapered cylinder shaped AEM Dryflow air filter is made from an oil-free, synthetic filter media that can be used for up to 100,000 miles before cleaning is needed (depending on d riving conditions). The air intake system is backed by AEM's Lifetime Limited Warranty. Some AEM air intakes are not legal for sale or use in California and other states adopting California emission standards while others are 50 state legal. View the

This part fits the following

SUVChevroletBlazer19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletBlazer19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletBlazer19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC1500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC1500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC1500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC1500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC2500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC2500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC2500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC2500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK1500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK1500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK1500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK1500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK2500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK2500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK2500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK2500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletR350019915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletTahoe19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletV350019915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCC1500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCC1500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCC1500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCC1500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCJimmy19885.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCJimmy19895.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCJimmy19905.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCJimmy19915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK1500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK1500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK1500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK1500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK2500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK2500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK2500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK2500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCYukon19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCYukon19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCYukon19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCYukon19955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC3519955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletR2019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletR2019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletR3019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletR350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletR350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletV350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletV350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCR250019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCR250019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCR350019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCR350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCR350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCR350019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCV350019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCV350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCV350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCV350019915.7L V8 F/I1

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