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Pre Oiled Air Filter - 88-08 TRX300-500 w/ Clamp On Filter


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  • Model: 150910X
  • Manufactured by: Twin Air


88-08 TRX300-500 w/ Clamp On Filter

    Twin Air Filter's design, high quality materials and superior construction deliver unbeatable performance and protection - and make Twin Air Filters the hands-down choice of more World & National Champions than all other filters combined. Coarse open-pore foam catches airborne dirt, grime and sand. Fine open-pore inner foam acts as a second filter to trap the smallest particles while ensuring maximum air passage. Exclusively formulated adhesive ensures glue seams will not break down. Thick, flat foam, greaseless sealing ring ensures maximum contact with your airbox, while acting as a breathable gasket for increased air passage. Fused outer and inner elements prevent dirt and grime from being lodged between layers, unlike Twin Air, this can be a problem with inferior two-piece designs. Trapped particles can restrict airflow. And if dirt works it's way into your engine, a pinhead-sized granule will gouge your cylinder, piston and rings like a bullet. Used Pre-Oiled Air Filter. The coarse outer Shell catches airborne dirt, grime and sand. The fine inner layer traps the little stuff. Twin Air filters are designed to increase airflow while ensuring the highest level of protection from dirt/dust.

    This part fits the following

    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300 Fourtrax19883001
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300 Fourtrax19893001
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300 Fourtrax19902801
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300 Fourtrax19912801
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300 Fourtrax19952801
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300 Fourtrax19962801
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300 Fourtrax19972801
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300 Fourtrax19982801
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300 Fourtrax19992801
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300 Fourtrax20002801
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x419883001
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x419893001
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x419903001
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x419913001
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x419953001
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x419963001
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x419973001
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x419983001
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x419993001
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x420003001
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FM Foreman20023951
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x419983951
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x419993951
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x420003951
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x420013951
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x420023951
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x420033951
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450ES Foreman ES19984331
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450ES Foreman ES19994331
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450ES Foreman ES20004331
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450ES Foreman ES20014331
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FE Foreman ES20024331
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FE Foreman ES20034331
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FE Foreman ES20044501
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FM Foreman S20034331
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FM Foreman S20044501
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S19984501
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S19994501
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S20004501
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S20014501
    ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S20024501

    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 27 September, 2016.

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