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Lithium Motorcycle/ATV Battery - 12V 210CCA Left "+" Terminal - 5.83" X 2.63" X 4.13"

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  • Model: LFX14A1-BS12
  • Dimensional Shipping Weight: 4.3lbs
  • Manufactured by: Shorai


5.83" X 2.63" X 4.13"

    LFX14A1-BS12 Battery Specs:
    • 12 Volt
    • Left side positive terminal
    • 14 A/Hr Pb Eq
    • 210 CCA
    • 0.763 Kg / 1.68 lbs
    • Max Charge Rate = 14A
    • Length = 5.83", Width = 2.63", Height = 4.13"

    • Replaces the following batteries: YB12B-B2, YT12A-BS, YT12B-BS, YT14B-BS, YT9B-BS-D, YTR9-BS-D, YTX12-BS, YTZ12S

      *Shorai Duration Battery: LFX18A1-BS12

      *The Duration recommendation is more suited towards vehicles that are ridden less often, have more accessories, a modified engine and/or charging system. Shorai always refers to the Duration battery for those who want the strongest possible cranking performance and lifespan from Shorai LFX batteries.
    About Shorai Batteries Shorai LFX batteries come in a variety of case shapes and sizes, capacity options, and right/left polarity options for the best possible fitment. If the LFX is slightly smaller than the original battery is one dimension or another, high density, adhesive backed form sheests are included in the package. These can be trimmed and applied to the battery box in minutes to make a solid fit and with added thermal and vibration insulation. Cable connections can be made either at tops or sides of the terminals. All these options and sizes allow Shorai LFX to offer a "drop in" installation for most powersports vehicles. Shorai also offers a 6-volt LFX in the #2 case size for vintage vehicles.

    When you open an LFX battery package you will aslo find terminal screws and a set of spares, Shorai decals in various sizes, and the user manual.

    Self adhesive foam shims insure a great fit to the battery box, as well as extra vibrational thermal insulation.
    • Ultra light. 1/5 the weight of lead acid batteries on average
    • Zero sulfation, for longer service life
    • Holds unloaded charge for one year without maintenance
    • Drop in replacement for your OEM battery
    • Military spec carbon composite case
    • Faster cranking for better starts
    • Super fast recharge rate
    • No explosive gasses during charge, no lead, and no acid
    • Enviornmentally friendly, just discharge and dispose
    • Japanese engineering
    • 3-year manufacturer's warranty

    This part fits the following

    ATVArctic Cat300 DVX20102801
    ATVArctic CatAlterra 30020172701
    ATVArctic CatDVX25020062501
    ATVArctic CatDVX25020072501
    ATVArctic CatDVX25020082501
    ATVArctic CatDVX30020093001
    ATVArctic CatDVX30020103001
    ATVArctic CatDVX30020113001
    ATVArctic CatDVX30020123001
    ATVArctic CatDVX30020133001
    ATVArctic CatDVX30020143001
    ATVArctic CatDVX30020153001
    ATVCan-AmOutlander 400 EFI20114001
    ATVCan-AmOutlander 400 EFI20124001
    ATVHondaATC250ES Big Red19852501
    ATVHondaATC250ES Big Red19862501
    ATVHondaATC250ES Big Red19872501
    ATVHondaFL350R Odyssey19853501
    ATVHondaTRX 250TE Recon ES20102291
    ATVHondaTRX200SX Fourtrax19862001
    ATVHondaTRX200SX Fourtrax19872001
    ATVHondaTRX200SX Fourtrax19882001
    ATVHondaTRX250 Fourtrax19872501
    ATVHondaTRX250 Recon19972251
    ATVHondaTRX250 Recon19982251
    ATVHondaTRX250 Recon19992501
    ATVHondaTRX250 Recon20002501
    ATVHondaTRX250 Recon20012501
    ATVHondaTRX250R Fourtrax19872501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES19972501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES19982501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES19992501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20002501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20012501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20022501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20032501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20042501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20052501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20062501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20072501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20082501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20092501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20112501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20122501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20132501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20142501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20152501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20162501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20172501
    ATVHondaTRX250TE Recon ES20182501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon19972501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon19982501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon19992501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20002501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20012501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20022501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20032501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20042501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20052501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20062501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20072501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20082501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20092501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20112501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20122501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20132501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20142501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20152501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20162501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20172501
    ATVHondaTRX250TM Recon20182501
    ATVKawasakiKVF300 Brute Force20133001
    ATVKawasakiKVF300 Brute Force20143001
    ATVKawasakiKVF300 Brute Force20153001
    ATVKawasakiKVF300 Brute Force20163001
    ATVPolarisPhoenix 20020052001
    ATVPolarisPhoenix 20020062001
    ATVPolarisPhoenix 20020072001
    ATVPolarisPhoenix 20020082001
    ATVPolarisPhoenix 20020092001
    ATVPolarisPhoenix 20020101961
    ATVPolarisPhoenix 20020111961
    ATVPolarisPhoenix 20020121961
    ATVPolarisPhoenix 20020131961
    ATVPolarisPhoenix 20020141961
    ATVSuzukiLT230E Quadrunner19882301
    ATVSuzukiLT230E Quadrunner19892301
    ATVSuzukiLT230E Quadrunner19902301
    ATVSuzukiLT230E Quadrunner19912301
    ATVSuzukiLT230E Quadrunner19922301
    ATVSuzukiLT230E Quadrunner19932301
    ATVYamahaYFM700 Raptor20136861
    ATVYamahaYFM700 Raptor20146861
    ATVYamahaYFM700 Raptor20156861
    ATVYamahaYFM700 Raptor20166861
    ATVYamahaYFM700 Raptor20176861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor20066861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor20076861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor20086861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor20096861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor20116861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor20126861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor20136861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor20146861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor20156861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor20166861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor20176861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor GYTR Edition20076861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor SE20076861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor SE20086861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor SE20096861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor SE20106861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor SE20116861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor SE20126861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor SE20136861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor SE20146861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor SE20156861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor SE20166861
    ATVYamahaYFM700R Raptor SE20176861
    ScooterYamahaYP400 Majesty20044001
    ScooterYamahaYP400 Majesty20054001
    ScooterYamahaYP400 Majesty20064001
    ScooterYamahaYP400 Majesty20074001
    ScooterYamahaYP400 Majesty20084001
    ScooterYamahaYP400 Majesty20094001
    ScooterYamahaYP400 Majesty20104001
    ScooterYamahaYP400 Majesty20114001
    ScooterYamahaYP400 Majesty20124001
    ScooterYamahaYW125 Zuma20091251
    ScooterYamahaYW125 Zuma20101251
    ScooterYamahaYW125 Zuma20111251
    ScooterYamahaYW125 Zuma20121251
    Utility VehiclePolarisRZR 17020091691
    Utility VehiclePolarisRZR 17020101691
    Utility VehiclePolarisRZR 17020111691
    Utility VehiclePolarisRZR 17020121691
    Utility VehiclePolarisRZR 17020131691
    Utility VehiclePolarisRZR 17020141691
    Utility VehiclePolarisRZR 17020151691
    Utility VehiclePolarisRZR 17020161691

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