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Aluminum Black Brake/Clutch Right Lever - For 94-15 Suzuki Arctic Cat Kawasaki


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  • Model: 14-0422
  • Manufactured by: Motion Pro


For 94-15 Suzuki Arctic Cat Kawasaki

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications
  • Made from aircraft A-360 die cast aluminum
  • Attractive clam shell display card packaging

This part fits the following

ATV / SxSArctic CatDVX40020044001
ATV / SxSArctic CatDVX40020054001
ATV / SxSArctic CatDVX40020064001
ATV / SxSArctic CatDVX40020074001
ATV / SxSArctic CatDVX40020084001
ATV / SxSArctic CatDVX400 TS20064001
ATV / SxSArctic CatDVX400 TS20074001
ATV / SxSKawasakiKFX40020034001
ATV / SxSKawasakiKFX40020044001
ATV / SxSKawasakiKFX40020054001
ATV / SxSKawasakiKFX40020064001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLT250 Quadrunner 2x419942501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLT250 Quadrunner 2x419952501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLT250 Quadrunner 2x419962501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLT250 Quadrunner 2x419972501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLT250 Quadrunner 2x419982501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTA400F Eiger Auto 4x420024001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTA400F Eiger Auto 4x420034001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTA400F Eiger Auto 4x420044001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTA400F Eiger Auto 4x420054001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTA400F Eiger Auto 4x420064001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTA400F Eiger Auto 4x420074001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTA500F Vinson Auto 4x420025001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTA500F Vinson Auto 4x420035001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTA500F Vinson Auto 4x420045001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTA500F Vinson Auto 4x420055001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTA500F Vinson Auto 4x420065001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTA500F Vinson Auto 4x420075001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF250 Quadrunner 2x419992501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF250 Quadrunner 2x420002501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF250 Quadrunner 2x420012501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF250 Quadrunner 4x419942501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF250 Quadrunner 4x419952501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF250 Quadrunner 4x419962501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF250 Quadrunner 4x419992501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF250 Quadrunner 4x420002501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF250 Quadrunner 4x420012501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF250 Quadrunner 4x420022501
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF300 King Quad19993001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF300 King Quad20003001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF300 King Quad20013001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF300 King Quad20023001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400 Eiger 2x420024001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400 Eiger 2x420034001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400 Eiger 2x420044001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400 Eiger 2x420054001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400 Eiger 2x420064001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400 Eiger 2x420074001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400F Eiger 4x420024001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400F Eiger 4x420034001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400F Eiger 4x420044001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400F Eiger 4x420054001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400F Eiger 4x420064001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400F Eiger 4x420074001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400F Eiger 4x4 Camo20054001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400F Eiger 4x4 Camo20064001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF400F Eiger 4x4 Camo20074001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Quadrunner19985001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Quadrunner19995001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Quadrunner20005001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Quadrunner20015001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Quadrunner20025001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Vinson 4x420035001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Vinson 4x420045001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Vinson 4x420055001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Vinson 4x420065001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Vinson 4x420075001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Vinson 4x4 Camo20055001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Vinson 4x4 Camo20065001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTF500F Vinson 4x4 Camo20075001
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTZ250 QuadSport Z20042461
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTZ250 QuadSport Z20052461
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTZ250 QuadSport Z20062461
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTZ250 QuadSport Z20072461
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTZ250 QuadSport Z20082461
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTZ250 QuadSport Z20092461
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTZ400 QuadSport Z20033981
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTZ400 QuadSport Z20043981
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTZ400 QuadSport Z20053981
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTZ400 QuadSport Z20063981
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTZ400 QuadSport Z20073981
ATV / SxSSuzukiLTZ400 QuadSport Z20083981

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 13 November, 2018.

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