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Folding Roll-A-Click Black Brake Lever - Ducati


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  • Model: AB-511B-F-B
  • Manufactured by: CRG



  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
Our Folding Roll-A-Click Lever shares all the features of the original and additionally helps to prevent broken levers during contact with immovable objects. It is a truly on-the-fly position adjustable lever, designed for OEM style master cylinders.

The miniature "clicker" lever controls a roller cam assembly, giving riders the ability to manipulate lever position while riding. Brake fade and clutch adjustments can be tuned in with ease. Lever tips can be replaced in the event of damage.

Our CRG Roll-a-Click levers are the same as those used by all AMA factory Supersport and Superstock teams.

This part fits the following

MotorcycleDucati748 Biposto19967481
MotorcycleDucati748 Biposto19977481
MotorcycleDucati748 Biposto19987481
MotorcycleDucati748 SP19967481
MotorcycleDucati748 SP19977481
MotorcycleDucati748 SP19987481
MotorcycleDucatiHypermotard 79620107961Not for use with stock handguards
MotorcycleDucatiHypermotard 79620117961Not for use with stock handguards
MotorcycleDucatiHypermotard 821 Strada20138211Not for use with stock handguards
MotorcycleDucatiHypermotard 821 Strada20148211Not for use with stock handguards
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 62020026201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 62020036181
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 62020046181
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 62020056201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 62020066201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 Capirex20046181
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 Dark20036181
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 Dark20046181
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 Dark20056201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 Dark20066201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 Dark i.e.20046201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 Dark i.e.20056201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 Dark MD20016201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 Dark MD20046201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 Dark MD20056201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 i.e.20036201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 i.e.20046201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 i.e.20056201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620 Matrix20046181
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620s20026201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 620s20036201
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 69520076951
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 69520086961
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 69620086961
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 69620096961
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 69620106961
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 75019997501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 75020007501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 75020017501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 75020027501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 750 City19997501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 750 Dark19997501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 750 Dark20007501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 750 Dark20017501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 750 Dark20027501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 750 Dark City19997501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 750 I.E.20027481
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 750 Metallic20007501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 750 Metallic20017501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 750 Metallic20027501
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 79620117961
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 79620127961
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 79620137961
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 79620148031
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 796 ABS20118031
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 796 ABS20128031
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 796 ABS20138031
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 796 ABS20148031
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 80020048001
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 800 Dark20038001
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 800s20038001
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 82120158211
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 821 Dark20158211
MotorcycleDucatiMonster 821 Stripe20158211
MotorcycleDucatiMonster S2R20058031
MotorcycleDucatiMonster S2R20068031
MotorcycleDucatiMonster S2R20078031
MotorcycleDucatiMonster S2R Dark20058031
MotorcycleDucatiMonster S2R Dark20068031
MotorcycleDucatiScrambler Classic20158031
MotorcycleDucatiScrambler Full Throttle20158031
MotorcycleDucatiScrambler Icon20158031
MotorcycleDucatiScrambler Urban Enduro20158031

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 27 September, 2016.

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