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Front & Rear Sintered Brake Pad Kit FA196/174HH


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  • Model: SCKEBC001
  • Manufactured by: EBC


  • Brake pad type: HH Sintered pads
  • Includes: 1 set of front pads & 1 set of rear
Double-H™ Sintered Super-bike Brake Pads deliver high performance and are well known as the EBC flagship sintered street-sport brake pad. ECE R 90 brake safety approved and TÜV tested, these ultra high friction HH rated brake pads remain a market leader above the rest as nothing else beats the performance of the Double-H™ Sintered Super-bike Brake Pad.

Manufactured in the US in the state-of-the-art sintering plant in Ohio, Double-H™ Sintered Super-bike Brake Pads perform well in all weather conditions be it dry or wet and have a high longevity lasting for many miles.

For race use EPFA or GPFAX sintered ranges should be considered.

This part fits the following

MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow A.C.E.199511001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow A.C.E.199611001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow A.C.E.19971100198
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow A.C.E.199811001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow A.C.E.199911001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow Sabre200011001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow Sabre200111001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow Sabre200211001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow Sabre200311001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow Sabre200411001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow Sabre200511001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow Sabre200611001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C2 Shadow Sabre200711001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C3 Shadow Aero199811001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C3 Shadow Aero199911001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C3 Shadow Aero200011001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C3 Shadow Aero200111001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100C3 Shadow Aero200211001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100D2 Shadow A.C.E.199911001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100T Shadow A.C.E. Tourer199811001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100T Shadow A.C.E. Tourer199911001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100T Shadow A.C.E. Tourer200011001
MotorcycleHondaVT1100T Shadow A.C.E. Tourer200111001
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CR Stateline201013121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CR Stateline201113121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CR Stateline201213121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CR Stateline201313121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CR Stateline201413121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CR Stateline201513121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CS Sabre201013121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CS Sabre201113121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CS Sabre201213121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CS Sabre201313121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CS Sabre201413121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CS Sabre201513121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CT Interstate201013121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CT Interstate201113121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CT Interstate201213121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CT Interstate201313121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CT Interstate201413121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CT Interstate201513121Non ABS
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CX Fury201013121Non ABS Model
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CX Fury201113121Non ABS Model
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CX Fury201213121Non ABS Model
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CX Fury201313121Non ABS Model
MotorcycleHondaVT1300CX Fury201513121Non ABS Model
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300C200412841Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300C200512841Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300C200613001Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300C200713001Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300C200813001Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300C200913001Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300R200512841Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300R200613001Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300R200713001Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300R200813001Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300R200913001Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300S200312841Spoke Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300S200412841Spoke Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300S200512841Spoke Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300S200613001Spoke Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300S200713001Spoke Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300T200813001Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300T200913001Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300T201013001Solid Wheel
MotorcycleHondaVTX1300T201113001Solid Wheel

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