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Grooved Organic Brake Shoes - Honda TRX 300-650


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  • Model: 347G
  • Manufactured by: EBC


Honda TRX 300-650

  • UPC: 840655007289
EBC WATER GROOVED series brake shoes are made using either high pressure Die cast aluminum platforms for most two wheel machines or pressed steel platforms for most ATVs with bonded brake linings. All shoes are then radius ground and edge trimmed to fit precisely in your brake drum and also feature lead in and lead out chamfers at lining ends and many include original equipment style brake shoe springs.

The multiple angled liner grooves are designed to channel away dirt, dust,water and debris from the braking area to improve braking and extend shoe and drum life.

In early years mechanics would "Saw" these grooves into liners which we do not recommend even though ZERO EBC brake shoes contain any dangerous fibers.

CAUTION - ALWAYS REPLACE BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT BRAKES AT THE SAME TIME on ATV four wheelers to avoid dangerous side to side brake pull which can cause your vehicle to pull sideways and cause an accident.

This part fits the following

ATV / SxSHondaTRX300 Fourtrax1988300Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x41990300Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x41991300Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x41992300Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x41993300Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x41994300Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x41995300Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x41996300Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x41997300Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x41998300Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x41999300Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX300FW Fourtrax 4x42000300Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2000350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2001350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2002350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2003350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2004350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2005350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2006350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42000350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42001350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42002350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42003350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42004350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42005350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42006350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2000350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2001350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2002350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2003350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2004350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2005350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2006350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2000350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2001350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2002325Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2003325Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2004325Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2005325Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2006350Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FA Rancher AT2004400Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FA Rancher AT2005400Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FA Rancher AT2006400Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FA Rancher AT2007400Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FGA Rancher AT GPScape2004397Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FGA Rancher AT GPScape2005397Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FGA Rancher AT GPScape2006397Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FGA Rancher AT GPScape2007397Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x41995395Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x41996395Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x41997395Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x41998395Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x41999395Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x42000395Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x42001395Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x42003395Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FE Foreman ES2002433Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FE Foreman ES2003433Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FE Foreman ES2004450Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FM Foreman S2002450Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FM Foreman S2003433Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FM Foreman S2004450Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S1998450Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S1999450Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S2000450Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S2001450Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2001500Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2002500Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2003500Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2004500Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FGA Foreman Rubicon GPScape2004500Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX650FA Rincon2003644Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX650FA Rincon2004644Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX650FA Rincon2005644Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX650FGA Rincon GPScape2004650Front1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX650FGA Rincon GPScape2005650Front1

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