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Sintered Double-H Brake Pads

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  • Model: SFA197HH
  • Manufactured by: EBC


  • UPC: 847943014264
EBC SFA sintered scooter pad infoSFA HH Series Scooter Sintered Pads are manufactured in the sintering plant in the USA, these Double-H™ scooter brake pads have high longevity for aftermarket offerings EBC has ever sold. They give high performance perfect HH rated stopping power for good braking in wet or dry conditions. These HH scooter brake pads target the heavier and faster scooter market.

Designed to outperform all competitive pads the EBC Double-H™ sintered pads are designed to accompany all heat treated and EBC made stainless steel brake discs but are not to be used on non hardened discs.

This part fits the following

ScooterKymcoBet & Win2002150Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2002150Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2002250Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2002250Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2003150Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2003150Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2003250Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2003250Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2004150Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2004150Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2004250Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2004250Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2005150Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2005150Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2005250Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2005250Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2006150Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2006150Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2006250Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2006250Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2007150Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2007150Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2007250Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2007250Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2008150Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2008150Rear1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2008250Front1
ScooterKymcoBet & Win2008250Rear1
ScooterKymcoGrandvista 2502005250Front1
ScooterKymcoGrandvista 2502006250Front1
ScooterKymcoGrandvista 2502007250Front1
ScooterKymcoGrandvista 2502008250Front1
ScooterKymcoGrandvista 2502009250Front1
ScooterKymcoGrandvista 2502010250Front1
ScooterKymcoLike 200i2010200Rear1
ScooterKymcoLike 200i2011200Rear1
ScooterKymcoLike 200i2012200Rear1
ScooterKymcoLike 200i2013200Rear1
ScooterKymcoLike 200i2014200Rear1
ScooterKymcoLike 200i2015200Rear1
ScooterKymcoPeople 2502003250Front1
ScooterKymcoPeople 2502003250Rear1
ScooterKymcoPeople 2502004250Front1
ScooterKymcoPeople 2502004250Rear1
ScooterKymcoPeople 2502005250Front1
ScooterKymcoPeople 2502005250Rear1
ScooterKymcoPeople 2502006250Front1
ScooterKymcoPeople 2502006250Rear1
ScooterKymcoPeople 2502007250Front1
ScooterKymcoPeople 2502007250Rear1
ScooterKymcoPeople S 2502007250Front Right1
ScooterKymcoPeople S 2502008250Front Right1
ScooterKymcoPeople S 2502009250Front Right1
ScooterKymcoPeople S 2502010250Front Right1
ScooterKymcoPeople S 2502011250Front Right1
ScooterKymcoSuper 9200250Front1
ScooterKymcoSuper 9200350Front1
ScooterKymcoSuper 9200450Front1
ScooterKymcoSuper 9200550Front1
ScooterKymcoSuper 9200650Front1
ScooterKymcoSuper 9200750Front1
ScooterKymcoSuper 9200850Front1
ScooterKymcoSuper 9200950Front1
ScooterKymcoYager GT 200i2009200Front1
ScooterKymcoYager GT 200i2009200Rear1
ScooterKymcoYager GT 200i2010200Front1
ScooterKymcoYager GT 200i2010200Rear1
ScooterKymcoYager GT 200i2011200Front1
ScooterKymcoYager GT 200i2011200Rear1
ScooterKymcoYager GT 200i2012200Front1
ScooterKymcoYager GT 200i2012200Rear1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Burgman2007400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Burgman2008400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Burgman2009400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Burgman2010400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Burgman2011400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Burgman2012400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Burgman2013400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Burgman ABS2009400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Burgman ABS2014400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Burgman ABS2015400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Z Burgman2009400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Z Burgman2010400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Z Burgman2011400Front Right1
ScooterSuzukiAN400 Z Burgman2012400Front Right1

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