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Floating Contour Brake Rotor

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  • Model: MD621XC
  • Dimensional Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • Manufactured by: EBC


  • UPC: 847943004463
Ultra lightweight EBC Brakes X series floating front MC rotors since their introduction, have become one if the worlds best selling lightest and best performing discs available for all modern sport bikes. Floating MC rotors feature EBC Brakes unique and patented S-Drive button system which features square sided rivets captured in square drive pockets on the rotor and hub which allow the outer rotor blade to expand and contract freely under the heat of braking without suffering rivet lock.

As the design of Motorcycles progressed over the last 10 years with machines getting lighter, more powerful and faster the demand on Motorcycle brakes has increased. Great technical forward movements such as 4 and 6 piston calipers and more recently the radial caliper have helped stop motorcycles faster but there has been, until now little progress made on brake rotors. There have been attempts to reduce weight on rotors, usually by drilling more holes in the rotor blade but always the OEM builders have used the boring "Round Style" rivet or drive button technology.

This outdated method of building rotors has now been consigned to the history books as EBC Brakes proudly announces the arrival of a new and patented design of drive button known as the SD System. SD stands for Square Drive which describes the button designs used in the new EBC X and XC rotors.

X and XC Floating MC rotors are the lightest rotors you can buy, they will eliminate all your vibration problems and last longer than conventional rotors using round button technology. Both designs further reduce weight by using only six drive buttons. This further reduces the unit weight by up to 300 grammes.
X rotors feature full circle, circular rotor blades.
XC rotors feature a contoured lighter weight profile.
Both Floating MC rotors feature mill hard stainless steel high friction rotor blades for maximum brake effect and are direct size for size replacements for OEM rotors. Both designs are also true fully floating units, offering more inside to outside float tolerance than any other rotor on the planet.
Do not confuse floating rotors with rotors that feature loose rotors blades or buttons. You should not be able to move either the buttons or rotor blades from side to side, if you can, it is highly likely that pad "Knock Back" will occur and you will end up with spongy brakes. Float means outside to inside heat expansion ability. That is what EBC X and XC rotors deliver and no other rotor can.
Always use new pads when replacing rotors, the use of old or worn pads can cause hot spots or glazing of the rotor and will promote brake fade and loss of brake.

This part fits the following

MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2004998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2005998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2006998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2007998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2008998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2009998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2010998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2011998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2012998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2004998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2005998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2006998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2007998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2008998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2009998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2010998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2011998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2012998Front2
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Mille2001998Front2Radial Mount Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Mille2002998Front2Radial Mount Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Mille2003998Front2Radial Mount Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Mille R2001998Front2Radial Mount Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Mille R2002998Front2Radial Mount Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Mille R Haga2003998Front2Radial Mount Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Tuono2004998Front2Standard Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Tuono2005998Front2Standard Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaShiver 7502013750Front2
MotorcycleApriliaShiver 7502014750Front2
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R2006998Front2Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R2007998Front2Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R2008998Front2Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R2009998Front2Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R20101000Front2Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R20111000Front2Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R Factory2008998Front2Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R Factory2009998Front2Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono Fighter2003998Front2Standard Caliper
MotorcycleBMWG650 Xmoto2007650Front1
MotorcycleBMWG650 Xmoto2008650Front1
MotorcycleBMWG650 Xmoto2009650Front1
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20051100Front2Standard Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20061100Front2Standard Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20071100Front2Standard Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20081100Front2Standard Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20091100Front2Standard Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20091200Front2Radial Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20101100Front2Standard Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20101200Front2Radial Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20111100Front2Standard Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20111200Front2Radial Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20121100Front2Standard Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20121200Front2Radial Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20131200Front2Radial Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20141200Front2Radial Mount Calipers
MotorcycleMoto GuzziGriso20151200Front2Radial Mount Calipers

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 27 September, 2016.

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