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VEE Style Brake Rotor - Solid


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  • Model: VR613
  • Manufactured by: EBC


  • UPC: 840655005926
In line with the ongoing trend for riders to customize machines rather than simply replace parts, the new Vee-Rotors™ from EBC Brakes offer an exciting new lightweight rotor program.

This product is fully stainless steel heat treated and tempered back to the optimum hardness.

This part fits the following

MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2004998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2005998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2006998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2007998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2008998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2009998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2010998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2011998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R2012998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2004998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2005998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2006998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2007998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2008998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2009998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2010998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2011998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV 1000 R Factory2012998Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Mille2001998Rear1Radial Mount Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Mille2002998Rear1Radial Mount Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Mille2003998Rear1Radial Mount Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Mille R2001998Rear1Radial Mount Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Mille R2002998Rear1Radial Mount Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Mille R Haga2003998Rear1Radial Mount Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Tuono2004998Rear1Standard Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV Tuono2005998Rear1Standard Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 Factory2009999Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 Factory2010999.6Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 Factory2011999.6Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 Factory2012999.6Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 Factory APRC2011999.6Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 Factory APRC2012999.6Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 Factory APRC ABS2013999.6Rear1ABS
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 Factory APRC ABS2014999.6Rear1ABS
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 R20091000Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 R2010999.6Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 R2011999.6Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 R2012999.6Rear1
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 R APRC ABS2013999.6Rear1ABS
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 R APRC ABS2014999.6Rear1ABS
MotorcycleApriliaRSV4 RR2015999.6Rear1ABS
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R2006998Rear1Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R2007998Rear1Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R2008998Rear1Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R2009998Rear1Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R20101000Rear1Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R20111000Rear1Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R Factory2008998Rear1Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono 1000 R Factory2009998Rear1Radial Caliper
MotorcycleApriliaTuono Fighter2003998Rear1Standard Caliper

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 27 September, 2016.

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