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Racing Camshaft Stage 1 Int & Exh - For 87-06 YFM Bruin Wolverine Raptor Warrior


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  • Model: 4017-1
  • Manufactured by: Hot Cams


For 87-06 YFM Bruin Wolverine Raptor Warrior

    • High performance racing camshaft
    • No core required
    • Designed to use stock valve springs and rockers in most applications
    • Adjustable cam sprockets supplied with some models
    • Improved Throttle Response (ITR) technology
    • Not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles
    WE RACE ON THE TRACK, NOT THE DYNO! Most camshaft designs are developed only on a dyno. Good camshaft designs not only increase power, they also improve throttle response. However, more power and better throttle response is a difficult design problem. Hotcams' ITR technology solved this dilemma through highly engineered opening ramps not found on other cams. Using ITR technology, the critical ramp area is designed to give your engine a cleaner intake charge and a more efficient combustion cycle, making your engine more responsive at all throttle openings and giving the rider better feel and control of the engine! You will notice the difference!
    Hot Cams - Design Theory Stage 1, 2, 3 Camshafts

    This part fits the following

    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Bruin Auto 2x420043501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Bruin Auto 2x420053501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Bruin Auto 2x420063501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Bruin Auto 4x420043501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Bruin Auto 4x420053501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Bruin Auto 4x420063501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19953501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19963501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19973501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19983501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19993501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20003501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20013501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20023501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20033501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20043501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20053501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20043501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20053501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20063501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19873501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19883501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19893501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19903501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19913501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19923501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19933501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19943501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19953501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19963501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19973501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19983501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19993501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20003501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20013501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20023501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20033501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20043501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear20003841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear20014001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear20024001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear20034001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear20043841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420003841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420014001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420024001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420034001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420043841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420053841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420063841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19934011
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19944011
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19954011
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19964011
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19974011
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19984011
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19994011

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