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Extreme Torque Drive Belt

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  • Model: XTX2236
  • Dimensional Shipping Weight: 2.3lbs
  • Manufactured by: Dayco


  • Can-Am #: 715-900-212 or 715-000-312
  • Outside circumference (in.): 38.656
  • Top width (in.): 1.320
  • Type: XTX drive belt
Dayco's revolutionary XTX Extreme Torque belts are engineered for those monster machines with higher horsepower. Specially formulated high temperature Neoprene® along with the highest level of engineered reinforcement proves to perform better in belt operating temperature and efficiency than leading competitors. Innovative breakthrough design features deeper cogs on top and rounded cogs on the bottom yield the advantages of ultimate flexibility and longer belt life.

If you have any questions about fitment, please contact us for assistance.

This part fits the following

ATVCan-AmCommander 1000201110001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000201210001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000201310001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000201410001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 DPS201310001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 DPS201410001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 DPS201510001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 DPS201710001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 LTD201210001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 LTD201310001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 LTD201410001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 LTD201510001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 LTD201710001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition20179761
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 X201110001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 X201210001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 X201310001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 XT201110001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 XT201210001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 XT201310001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 XT201410001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 XT201510001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 XT201710001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 XT-P201310001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 XT-P201410001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 XT-P201510001
ATVCan-AmCommander 1000 XT-P201710001
ATVCan-AmCommander 800R20118001
ATVCan-AmCommander 800R20128001
ATVCan-AmCommander 800R20138001
ATVCan-AmCommander 800R20148001
ATVCan-AmCommander 800R20158001
ATVCan-AmCommander 800R DPS20148001
ATVCan-AmCommander 800R DPS20158001
ATVCan-AmCommander 800R XT20118001
ATVCan-AmCommander 800R XT20128001
ATVCan-AmCommander 800R XT20138001
ATVCan-AmCommander 800R XT20148001
ATVCan-AmCommander 800R XT20158001
ATVCan-AmCommander Max 1000 DPS201410001
ATVCan-AmCommander Max 1000 DPS201510001
ATVCan-AmCommander Max 1000 LTD201510001
ATVCan-AmCommander Max 1000 XT201410001
ATVCan-AmCommander Max 1000 XT201510001
ATVCan-AmMaverick 1000R20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick 1000R DPS20179761
ATVCan-AmMaverick 1000R Turbo20179761
ATVCan-AmMaverick 1000R Turbo X ds20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick 1000R Turbo X ds20179761
ATVCan-AmMaverick 1000R Turbo X rs20169761
ATVCan-AmMaverick 1000R X ds20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick 1000R X mr DPS20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick 1000R X rs DPS20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick 1000R X xc DPS20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick 1000R X xc DPS20179761
ATVCan-AmMaverick 1000R XC20179761
ATVCan-AmMaverick Max 1000R20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick Max 1000R DPS20179761
ATVCan-AmMaverick Max 1000R Turbo20179761
ATVCan-AmMaverick Max 1000R Turbo X ds20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick Max 1000R Turbo X ds20179761
ATVCan-AmMaverick Max 1000R Turbo X rs20179761
ATVCan-AmMaverick Max 1000R X ds20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick Max 1000R X mr20179761
ATVCan-AmMaverick Max 1000R X rs DPS20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick Max X ds 1000R20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick X ds 1000R20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick X rs DPS 1000R20159761
ATVCan-AmMaverick X xc DPS 1000R20159761
ATVCan-AmOutlander 400 EFI20114001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 400 EFI20124001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 400 EFI20144001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 500 EFI20105001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 500 EFI20115001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 500 EFI20125001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 500 EFI20135001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 500 EFI20145001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 500 HO 4x4 EFI20095001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 500 HO 4x4 EFI XT20085001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI20096501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI20106501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI20116501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI20126501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI20136501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI20146501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI20156501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI DPS20136501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI DPS20146501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI DPS20156501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI XT20096501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI XT20116501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI XT20126501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI XT20136501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI XT20146501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 EFI XT20156501
ATVCan-AmOutlander 650 HO 4x4 EFI XT2008649.61
ATVCan-AmOutlander 800R EFI X mr20128001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 800R EFI X mr20138001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 800R EFI X mr20158001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 800R EFI XT20098001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 800R EFI XT20108001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 800R EFI XT20118001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 800R EFI XT20128001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 800R EFI XT20138001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 800R EFI XT20148001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 800R EFI XT20158001
ATVCan-AmOutlander 800R EFI XT-P20158001
ATVCan-AmOutlander L 50020155001
ATVCan-AmOutlander L 500 DPS20155001
ATVCan-AmOutlander L Max 50020155001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI20095001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI20115001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI20125001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI20135001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI20145001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI DPS20135001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI DPS20145001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI DPS20155001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI XT20095001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI XT20105001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI XT20115001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI XT20125001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI XT20135001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI XT20145001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 500 EFI XT20155001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI20096501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI20106501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI20116501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI20126501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI20136501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI20146501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI20156501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI DPS20136501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI DPS20146501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI DPS20156501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI XT20096501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI XT20106501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI XT20116501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI XT20126501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI XT20136501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI XT20146501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 EFI XT20156501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 650 HO EFI20086501
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 800R EFI20098001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 800R EFI20108001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 800R EFI20118001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 800R EFI20128001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 800R EFI LTD20098001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 800R EFI LTD20118001
ATVCan-AmOutlander Max 800R EFI XT20098001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 1000201210001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 1000201310001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 1000201410001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 50020085001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 50020095001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 50020105001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 50020115001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 50020125001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 50020135001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 50020145001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 50020155001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 80020078001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 80020088001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 800 X20088001
ATVCan-AmRenegade 800R X xc20158001

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