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MAX-TORQUE Snowmobile Belt 43 1/2" X 1 13/32"


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  • Model: 47-3918
  • Manufactured by: SP1


  • Circumference: 43.5 in.
  • Width: 1.4062 in.
Max-Torque are designed for high performance machines. The Max-Torque features a dual cog construction that dissipates heat and aids flexibility. Cooler running belts mean better performance and longer life. Max-Torque is constructed with Aramax cord and special rubber compounds to provide maximum performance and durability. Max-Torque is designed for sleds 500-700 cc.

This part fits the following

SnowmobileArctic CatLynx19911
SnowmobileArctic CatLynx19921
SnowmobileArctic CatLynx19931
SnowmobileSki DooFormula 50019974991
SnowmobileSki DooFormula 50019984991
SnowmobileSki DooFormula 500 LC20004991
SnowmobileSki DooFormula 58319975811
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Deluxe 380 Fan19991
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Deluxe 380 Fan20001
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Deluxe 380 Fan20011
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Deluxe 50019974991
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Deluxe 50019984991
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Deluxe 50019994991
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Deluxe 50020004971
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Deluxe 58319985811
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Deluxe 58319995811
SnowmobileSki DooFormula S19963681
SnowmobileSki DooFormula S19973681
SnowmobileSki DooFormula S19983681
SnowmobileSki DooFormula S19993681
SnowmobileSki DooFormula S20003681
SnowmobileSki DooFormula SL1995496.71
SnowmobileSki DooFormula SL1996496.71
SnowmobileSki DooFormula SL1997496.71
SnowmobileSki DooFormula SL1998496.71
SnowmobileSki DooFormula SL1999496.71
SnowmobileSki DooFormula SLS1996499.31
SnowmobileSki DooFormula ST19941
SnowmobileSki DooFormula STX19945811
SnowmobileSki DooFormula STX19955811
SnowmobileSki DooFormula STX19965811
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Z19945811
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Z19955811
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Z19965811
SnowmobileSki DooFormula Z19975811
SnowmobileSki DooFreestyle Back Country2007553.41
SnowmobileSki DooFreestyle Back Country2008553.41
SnowmobileSki DooFreestyle Back Country2009553.41
SnowmobileSki DooFreestyle Park2007553.41
SnowmobileSki DooFreestyle Park2008553.41
SnowmobileSki DooFreestyle Session 5502007553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 50019964991
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 50019974991
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 50019984991
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 50019994991
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 550F Sport2013553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 550F Sport2014553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 58019965801
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 58319975811
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 58319985811
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 58319995811
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 60020005971
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring GS 60020025971
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring SE 60020025971
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring SE 60020035971
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring Sport 50020024991
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring Sport 50020034991
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring Sport 550F2012553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring Sport 600 Carb20025971
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring Sport 600 Carb20035971
SnowmobileSki DooGSX 380 Fan2005368.31
SnowmobileSki DooGSX 380 Fan2006368.31
SnowmobileSki DooGSX 550 Fan2005553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGSX 550 Fan2006553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGSX 550 Fan2007553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGSX 550 Fan2008553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGSX 550 Fan2009553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGTX 380 Fan2005368.31
SnowmobileSki DooGTX 380 Fan2006368.31
SnowmobileSki DooGTX 550 Fan2005553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGTX 550 Fan2006553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGTX 550 Fan2007553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGTX 550 Fan2008553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGTX 550 Fan2009553.41
SnowmobileSki DooLegend 380 Fan2002368.31
SnowmobileSki DooLegend 380 Fan2003368.31
SnowmobileSki DooLegend 380 Fan2004368.31
SnowmobileSki DooLegend 500 Fan20021
SnowmobileSki DooLegend 500 Fan20031
SnowmobileSki DooLegend 550 Fan2004553.41
SnowmobileSki DooLegend GT SE 600 HO SDI2004594.41
SnowmobileSki DooLegend GT Sport 500 SS20045971
SnowmobileSki DooLegend Sport 50020024991
SnowmobileSki DooLegend Sport 50020034991
SnowmobileSki DooLegend Sport 500 SS20045971
SnowmobileSki DooLegend Sport 60020035971
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 380 Fan2001368.31
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 380 Fan2002368.31
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 380 Fan2003368.31
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 380 Fan2004368.31
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 44019981
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 44019991
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 44020001
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 440 Fan20011
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 50019981
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 50019991
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 550 Fan2003553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 550 Fan2005553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 550 Fan2006553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 550 Fan2007553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 550 Fan2008553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 58319965811
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 58319975811
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z 58319985811
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z Adrenaline 50020031
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z Adrenaline 6002001594.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z Adrenaline 600 HO2003594.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z Renegade 6002002594.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z Sport 50020021
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z Sport 60020025971
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z Trail 50020011
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z Trail 50020021
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z Trail 50020034991
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z Trail 6002001594.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z Trail 6002002594.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z Trail 6002003594.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z X 440 LC19991
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z X 5502006553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z X 5502007553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z X 5502008553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z X 5502009553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMX Z X 60020015971
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 380F20053681
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 380F20063681
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 50020004991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 50020014991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 50020024991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 60019995971
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 60020005971
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 60020015971
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 70020006971
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Sport 550F2012553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Sport 550F2013553.41
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade Sport 550F2012553.41
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade Sport 550F2013553.41
SnowmobileSki DooSkandic 38019953681
SnowmobileSki DooSkandic 38019963681
SnowmobileSki DooSkandic 38019973681
SnowmobileSki DooSkandic 38019983681
SnowmobileSki DooSkandic 38019993681
SnowmobileSki DooSkandic 38020003681
SnowmobileSki DooSkandic 50019954971
SnowmobileSki DooSkandic 50019964971
SnowmobileSki DooSkandic 50019974971
SnowmobileSki DooSkandic 50019984971
SnowmobileSki DooSkandic 50019994971
SnowmobileSki DooSkandic 50020004971
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 50019964971
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 50019974971
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 50019994971
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 500 Fan20014971
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 500 Fan20024971
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 550 Fan2003553.41
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 550 Fan2004553.41
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 550F20055531
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 550F20065531
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 550F20075531
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 550F20085531
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 58319945811
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 58319955811
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 58319965811
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 60019995971
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 60020005971
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Adrenaline 600 HO2003594.41
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Adrenaline 70020031
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Fan 550F20095531
SnowmobileSki DooTouring 500 Fan20011
SnowmobileSki DooTouring 500 LC20004991
SnowmobileSki DooTouring E19951
SnowmobileSki DooTouring E19961
SnowmobileSki DooTouring E19971
SnowmobileSki DooTouring E19981
SnowmobileSki DooTouring E19991
SnowmobileSki DooTouring E20001
SnowmobileSki DooTouring E LT19971
SnowmobileSki DooTouring LE1995436.61
SnowmobileSki DooTouring LE1996436.61
SnowmobileSki DooTouring LE1997436.61
SnowmobileSki DooTouring LE1998436.61
SnowmobileSki DooTouring LE1999436.61
SnowmobileSki DooTouring LE2000436.61
SnowmobileSki DooTouring S LE1995497.61
SnowmobileSki DooTouring S LE1996497.61
SnowmobileSki DooTouring S LE1997497.61
SnowmobileSki DooTouring S LE1998497.61
SnowmobileSki DooTouring S LE1999497.61
SnowmobileSki DooTouring S LE2000497.61
SnowmobileSki DooTundra 5502012553.41

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