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Performance Intake Kit - For Ford Focus C-max L4-1.8L F/I, 07-09

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  • Model: 57-0595
  • Manufactured by: K&N


For Ford Focus C-max L4-1.8L F/I, 07-09

  • Air Box Included: No
  • Air Filter Color: Red
  • Air Filter Height: 6 in (152 mm)
  • Air Filter Large End Diameter: 5.375 in (137 mm)
  • Air Filter Material: Cotton Gauze
  • Air Filter Outlet Length: 0.625 in (16 mm)
  • Air Filter Outlet Shape: Round
  • Air Filter Outlet Width: 4 in (102 mm)
  • Air Filter Washable: Yes
  • Clamp Color/Finish: Natural
  • Clamp Material: Steel
  • Clamp Style: Regular
  • Clamps Included: 3
  • Coupler Color/Finish: Black
  • Couplers Included: 1
  • Intake Pipe Color / Finish: Black
  • Intake Pipe Material: High-Density Polyethylene & Flex Hose
  • Intake Pipe Ports: All intake tube ports needed for the specified applications are included
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor Adapter Included: Mass Air Flow Sensor Adapter Included When Required
  • Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
  • Oil Included: Filter Is Pre-Oiled
  • Product Box Height: 9.00 in (229 mm)
  • Product Box Length: 9.00 in (229 mm)
  • Product Box Width: 9.00 in (229 mm)
  • Product Style: 57i Series International Kits
  • Product Weight: 3.08 lb (1.40 kg)
  • Replacement Filter: RC-4550
  • Type: Gen I
  • UPC: 24844108326
  • Vacuum Tubing Included: Yes
  • Weight: 3.1 lb (1.4 kg)
K&N 57i Series induction kits are specifically designed for each different vehicle and will free your car from the size restriction that comes with the factory air box. These economical kits can take a variety of different forms based on vehicle characteristics and available space under the hood. Each kit is designed to provide power throughout the RPM range. The extra surface area of these open-air air filters provides even more airflow at lower restriction than a K&N O/E replacement filter which is limited to the size of the factory air box. The larger air filter also captures and holds more dirt increasing its service life before a cleaning is required (up to 100,000 miles). The filter is either directly attached to the engine carburetor or throttle body or indirectly through a tube assembly running from the filter to the engine. All adapters are made from high quality materials such as steel, aluminum, silicon or reinforced nylon to ensure long life. 57i Intakes are not legal for use in California and other US States adopting California emission standards.

This part fits the following

AutomotiveFordC-Max20071.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordC-Max20071.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordC-Max20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordC-Max20081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordC-Max20081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordC-Max20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordC-Max20091.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordC-Max20091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordC-Max20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus C-Max20031.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus C-Max20041.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus C-Max20042.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus C-Max20051.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus C-Max20052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus C-Max20061.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus C-Max20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus C-Max20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus II20041.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus II20042.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus II20051.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus II20052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus II20061.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus II20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus II20071.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus II20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus II20081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus II20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus II20091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus II20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus XR520062.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus XR520072.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordFocus XR520082.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGalaxy II20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGalaxy II20092.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordGalaxy II20102.0L L4 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveFordMondeo IV20071.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMondeo IV20071.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMondeo IV20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMondeo IV20072.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMondeo IV20081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMondeo IV20081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMondeo IV20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMondeo IV20082.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMondeo IV20091.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMondeo IV20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMondeo IV20092.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordMondeo IV20102.0L L4 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveFordS-Max20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordS-Max20062.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordS-Max20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordS-Max20072.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordS-Max20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordS-Max20082.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordS-Max20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordS-Max20092.3L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveFordS-Max20102.0L L4 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveVolvoC3020061.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoC3020062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoC3020071.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoC3020072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoC3020081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoC3020082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoC3020091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoC3020092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoC3020102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoC3020112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoC3020122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20041.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20051.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20061.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20071.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoS40 II20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020041.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020051.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020061.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020071.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolvoV5020122.0L L4 F/I1
SUVFordGalaxy20092.0L L4 F/I1
SUVFordGalaxy20092.3L L4 F/I1
VanFordGalaxy20062.3L L4 F/I1
VanFordGalaxy II20062.0L L4 F/I1
VanFordGalaxy II20072.0L L4 F/I1
VanFordGalaxy II20072.3L L4 F/I1
VanFordGalaxy II20082.0L L4 F/I1
VanFordGalaxy II20082.3L L4 F/I1

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 27 September, 2016.

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