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Carburetor Tuning Jet Kit - Stage 1 - 98-14 Yamaha XVS650 V-Star


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  • SKU: 4168
  • Manufacturer: Dynojet


98-14 Yamaha XVS650 V-Star

  • Fit Note: Designed for USA model bikes, may work with others

California Restricted

California laws prohibit (in most cases) the use of any aftermarket product whose installation requires the removal of any emissions control related components as regulated by the California Air Resources Board (

If an item is designated as "Competition and Racing Vehicles Only", we will require a race waiver be digitally signed before an item can ship to California. If an item is to be exported from California, an export waiver is available as well. This is a REQUIRED guarantee from you that a restricted item will NOT be used on any public highway in California; only on private race tracks in racing or competition use.

Dynojet jet kits increase horsepower, improve throttle response, smooths out powerbands and in many cases improve gas mileage as well. Since most carbureted motorcycles, dirt bikes and even ATVs have to pass some type of smog test by the manufacturer, they can be 'choked up' stock and a jet kit is just the answer to breathe more life into your ride.

These are guaranteed authentic Dynojet jet kits designed for U.S. spec bikes and may not work properly on machines sold elsewhere in the world. If you are an international customer, it may be a good idea to check with a local mechanic to see if this kit would work on your motorcycle. Euro spec jet kits are available for most bikes, but we are not allowed to ship kits into Dynojet UK's distribution area. Other countries, such as Asia, Australia and others are fine. Also, there are some CALIF kits for California jetted bikes, and HI ALT (high altitude) for bikes that live above 4,000 feet.

Stage 1 Jet Kits
Intended for motorcycles with a stock engine using the stock air-box, air filter and stock pipe. Stage 1 kits are fully adjustable to allow the use of a well designed aftermarket pipes and stock replacement air filters like K&N. Stage 1 kits are designed to improve throttle response and drive-ability and in most cases power increases of approximately 5% throughout the entire power range can be achieved.

Stage 2 Jet Kits
Intended for motorcycles with a stock or mildly tuned engine using a well designed aftermarket pipe with a modified air-box and a stock replacement air filter. Stage 2 kits are designed for applications where individual filters cannot be installed and for applications where air-box modification improves the engine's performance. In most cases power increases of approximately 8% can be achieved.

Stage 3 Jet Kits
Intended for motorcycles with stock or mildly tuned engines using a well designed aftermarket pipe and individual air filters. In most cases power increases of 10-15% can be achieved. However drive-ability may be compromised particularly with short stroke, high rpm motors. On some modern engine and air-box designs, individual filters and proper jetting offer no performance improvement yet compromise drive-ability, in such cases stage 3 kits are not available.

Stage 7 Jet Kits
Intended for race only use or for special applications, like the Yamaha V Max complete induction kit. Stage 7 kits are designed to optimize jetting for a given tuning specification or racing conditions.

Dynojet products are sold with US warranties only and are not serviceable through Dynojet UK, nor are we permitted to ship them inside Dynojet UK's distribution area.

This part fits the following

MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 DragStar19986501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 DragStar19996501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 DragStar20006501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 DragStar20016501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 DragStar20026501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 DragStar20036501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 DragStar20046501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star20136501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star20146501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic19986501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic19996501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic20006501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic20016501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic20026501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic20036501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic20046501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic20056501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic20066501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic20076501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic20086501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic20096501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Classic20106501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom19986501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom19996501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom20006501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom20016501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom20026501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom20036501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom20046501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom20056501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom20066501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom20076501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom20086501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom20096501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom20106501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Custom20116501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Midnight Custom20066501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Midnight Custom20076501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Midnight Custom20086501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Midnight Custom20096501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Midnight Custom20106501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Silverado20026501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Silverado20036501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Silverado20046501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Silverado20056501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Silverado20066501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Silverado20076501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Silverado20086501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Silverado20096501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Silverado20106501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650 V-Star Silverado20116501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650A DragStar Classic19986501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650A DragStar Classic19996501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650A DragStar Classic20006501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650A DragStar Classic20016501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650A DragStar Classic20026501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650A DragStar Classic20036501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650A DragStar Classic20046501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650A DragStar Classic20056501
MotorcycleYamahaXVS650A DragStar Classic20066501

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