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High-Performance Complete Top End Kits - Pk Yfm350 83.0mm (4419M)


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  • SKU: PK1018
  • Manufacturer: Wiseco


Pk Yfm350 83.0mm (4419M)

  • California Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
  • UPC: 193564148018
Piston Kit with Gaskets - Yamaha - YFM350/X Warrior/Raptor/Big Bear/Grizzly/Moto 4/BW350 - Standard

Wiseco 87-13 Yamaha YFM350 Warrior/Raptor 10.251 Piston Kit

Premium materials produce the best sealing technology available exceeding O.E.M. standards.. . 2-Stroke: Wiseco top end gasket kit; Dedicated forging; Superior strength/weight ratio utilizing Aerospace alloy; Race-proven designs; Chosen by top race teams, in all forms of racing; CNC machined; Optimal cam shape and profile for peak HP and service life; Premium top end needle bearing; Precision-machined, highest-quality materials for strength and reduced friction; High-performance ring set; Extended life and sustained power; Highest-quality alloy pin; Consistently true and durable.. . 4-Stroke: Wiseco top end gasket kit; Premium materials produce the best sealing technology available, exceeding O.E.M. standards; Dedicated forging; Superior strength/weight ratio utilizing Aerospace alloy; Dome design; Improved flame travel; Chrome plated piston pin; Horizontal slot pin oiling; Reduced friction/scuff resistant; Pressure seal groove; Maximum ring seal; Armor Glide Skirt-Coated available for select models; Dedicated Rings; Maximum compression and oil control.

This part fits the following

ATV / SxSYamahaYFM35019963501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto20123501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto20143501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 2x420073461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 2x420083461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 2x420093461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 2x420103501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 2x420113501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420073461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420083461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420093461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420103501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420113501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420123501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420133501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420143501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x4 IRS20073461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x4 IRS20083461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x4 IRS20093461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x4 IRS20103501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x4 IRS20113501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x4 IRS20123501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Moto-419873501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Moto-419883501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Moto-419893501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Moto-419903461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Moto-419913461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Moto-419923461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Moto-419933461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Moto-419943461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Moto-419953461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419873501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419883501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419893501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419903461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419913461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419923461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419933461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419943461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419953461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419963461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419973461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419983461
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419993841
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19953501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19963501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19973501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19983501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19993501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20003501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20013501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20023501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20033501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20043501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20053501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20043501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20053501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20063501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20073501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20083481
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20093501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20103501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20113501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20123501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20133501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350U Big Bear 2X419973501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350U Big Bear 2X419983501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350U Big Bear 2X419993501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19873501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19883501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19893501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19903501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19913501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19923501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19933501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19943501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19953501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19963501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19973501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19983501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19993501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20003501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20013501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20023501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20033501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20043501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Wolverine 2x420063501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Wolverine 2x420073501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Wolverine 2x420083501
ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Wolverine 2x420093501

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