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11 Pack: Oil Filters

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  • Model: KN-157B001011
  • Dimensional Shipping Weight: 35.3lbs
  • Manufactured by: K&N



  • *Kit Contents: 11 of MPN KN-157
  • Anti Drain Back Valve: No
  • Bypass Valve: No
  • Filter Material: High Flow Premium Media
  • Gasket Material: Nitrile Rubber
  • Height: 2.063 in (52 mm)
  • Inside Diameter: 0.469 in (12 mm)
  • Outside Diameter: 1.625 in (41 mm)
  • Product Box Height: 2.13 in (54 mm)
  • Product Box Length: 2.19 in (56 mm)
  • Product Box Width: 2.19 in (56 mm)
  • Product Style: Oil Filters
  • Product Weight: 0.10 lb (0.05 kg)
  • PSI Relief Valve: No
  • Removal Nut: No
  • Style: Cartridge
  • Thread Specification: N/A
  • Weight: 0.1 lb (0 kg)
  • XREF # - KTM: 59038046144
  • XREF # - Polaris: 2520755
K&N Powersports Cartridge Oil Filters are designed to satisfy the needs of racers and engine builders as well as the average motorcycle or ATV owner who wants the best oil filter available. K&N Powersports Oil Filters trap harmful contaminants while the filter's construction allows for high oil flow rates. K&N Oil Filters are covered by a limited warranty to be free from defects in materials and workmanship when installed and replaced using engine and equipment manufacturer's recommended service intervals.

This part fits the following

ATVKTM450 XC20084501Short Filter
ATVKTM450 XC20094501Short Filter
ATVKTM450 XC20104501Short Filter
ATVKTM525 XC20085251Short Filter
ATVKTM525 XC20095251Short Filter
ATVKTM525 XC ATV20105251Short Filter
ATVPolarisOutlaw 450 MXR20084501Short Filter
ATVPolarisOutlaw 450 MXR20094501Short Filter
ATVPolarisOutlaw 52520085251Short Filter
ATVPolarisOutlaw 52520095251Short Filter
ATVPolarisOutlaw 525 IRS20075251Short Filter
ATVPolarisOutlaw 525 IRS20085251Short Filter
ATVPolarisOutlaw 525 IRS20095251Short Filter
ATVPolarisOutlaw 525 IRS20105251Short Filter
ATVPolarisOutlaw 525 IRS20115251Short Filter
ATVPolarisOutlaw 525 S20085101Short Filter
ATVPolarisOutlaw 525 S20095101Short Filter
ATVPolarisOutlaw 525 S20105101Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta250 RR 4T20052501Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta250 RR 4T20062501Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta250 RR 4T20072501Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta250 RR 4T20082501Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta400 RR 4T20053981Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta400 RR 4T20063981Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta400 RR 4T20073981Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta400 RR 4T20083981Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta400 RR 4T20093981Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta450 RR 4T20054481Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta450 RR 4T20064481Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta450 RR 4T20074481Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta450 RR 4T20084481Short Filter
MotorcycleBeta450 RR 4T20094481Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20052501Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20054001Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20054501Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20055251Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20062501Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20064001Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20064501Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20065251Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20072501Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20074001Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20074501Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20075251Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20082501Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20084001Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20084501Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20085251Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20094001Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20094501Short Filter
MotorcycleBetaRR Enduro 4T20095251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20022501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20042501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20052501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC Racing20012501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC Racing20032501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC Racing20062501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-G Racing20032501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC19994001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20004001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20014001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20024001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20034001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20044001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20054001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20064001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20074001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC Racing19994001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC Racing20004001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC Racing20014001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC Racing20044001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC Racing20074001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC-E Racing19994001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 MXC19994001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 MXC20004001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 MXC20014001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 MXC20024001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 MXC Racing19994001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 MXC Racing20004001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 MXC Racing20014001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 MXC Racing20024001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 SX19994001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 SX20004001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 SX20014001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 SX20024001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 SX Racing19994001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 SX Racing20004001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 SX Racing20014001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 SX Racing20024001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM400 XC-W20074001Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20034501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20044501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20054501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20074501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Racing20064501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Racing20074501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-G Racing20064501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC20034501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC20044501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC20054501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC20064501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC Racing20054501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC Racing20064501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 Rally20044501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SMR20044491Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SMR20054491Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SMR20064491Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SMR20074491Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SMS20044501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SX20064501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SX Racing20024501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SX Racing20044501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SX Racing20054501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SX Racing20064501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SX-F20034491Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SXS20034501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SXS20044501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SXS20054501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 SXS20064501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 XC20074501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 XC Cross Country20044501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 XC-G Racing20064501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM450 XC-W20074491Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 EXC Racing19995201Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 EXC Racing20005101Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 EXC Racing20015101Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 EXC Racing20025101Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 EXC-E19995101Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 EXC-G Racing20025101Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 MXC Racing19995201Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 MXC Racing20005201Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 MXC Racing20015101Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 MXC Racing20025101Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 SX Racing19995201Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 SX Racing20005201Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 SX Racing20015101Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM520 SX Racing20025101Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC20055251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC Racing20035251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC Racing20045251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC Racing20065251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC Racing20075251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC-G Racing20035251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC-G Racing20045251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC-G Racing20065251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC-G Racing20075251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 MXC20035251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 MXC20045251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 MXC20055251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 MXC20065251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 MXC20075251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 SMR20045251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 SMR20055251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 SMR20065251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 SX20045251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 SX20055251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 SX20065251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 SX Racing20035251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 SX Racing20075251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 XC20035251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 XC20045251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 XC20055251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 XC20065251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 XC Desert Racing20075251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 XC-G Racing20065251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 XC-G Racing20075251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 XC-W20035251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 XC-W20045251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 XC-W20055251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 XC-W20065251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM525 XC-W20075251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM540 SXS20065401Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM540 SXS Racing20015391Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM540 SXS Racing20025391Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM540 SXS Racing20035391Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM540 SXS Racing20045391Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM540 SXS Racing20055401Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM560 SMR20065601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM560 SMR20075601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM560 SMR20085601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM625 SC20026251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM625 SC Supermoto20026251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM625 SXC20026251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM625 SXC20036251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM625 SXC20046251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM625 SXC20056251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM625 SXC20066251Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM625 SXC20076251Tall Filter
MotorcycleKTM650 LC4 Supermoto20066501Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 Rally20016601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 Rally20026601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 Rally20046601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 Rally20056601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 Rally20066601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 Rally20076601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 Rallye20076601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 SMC20036601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 SMC20046601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 SMC20056601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 SMS20046601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 Supermoto Factory Replica20026601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM660 Supermoto Factory Replica20036601Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 Duke20086901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 Duke20096901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 Duke20106901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 Duke20116901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 Enduro20086901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 Enduro20096901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 Enduro20106901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 Enduro R20096901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 Enduro R20106901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 Enduro R20116901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 SMC20086901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 SMC20096901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 SMC20106901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 SMC20116901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 Supermoto20076901Short Filter
MotorcycleKTM690 Supermoto20086901Short Filter

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 29 June, 2017.

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