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Rad Valve Boot - Fits Most Bikes & ATVs w/ 38mm Carbs & Rad Valve


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  • SKU: RBK-1
  • Manufacturer: Boyesen


Fits Most Bikes & ATVs w/ 38mm Carbs & Rad Valve

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Type: Joint
  • UPC: 804429501748
Boyesen engineers embarked on a mission to create a new lineage of aerodynamic intake technology by refining the primary performance factors required to increase peak horsepower through design innovation: Aerodynamic Surface Optimization, Model-Specific Reed Petal Tensioning, Material Fuel Resistance, and Multi-Stage Reed Timing. Together, these innovations create a new technological benchmark in intake performance.

This part fits the following

MotorcycleHondaCR125R20041251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleHondaCR500R19855001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleHondaCR500R19865001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleHondaCR500R19875001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleHondaCR500R19885001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleHondaCR500R19895001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKDX25019912461w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKDX25019922461w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKDX25019932461w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKDX25019942461w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX12519981251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX12519991251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX12520001251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX12520031251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019872501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019882501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019892501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019902501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019912501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019922501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019932501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019942501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019952501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019962501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019972501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019982501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25019992501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25020002501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX25020042501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019875001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019885001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019895001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019905001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019915001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019925001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019935001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019945001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019955001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019965001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019975001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019985001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50019995001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50020005001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50020015001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50020025001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50020035001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKawasakiKX50020045001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC19901251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC19911251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC19921251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC19931251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC19941251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC19951251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC19961251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC19971251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC19981251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC19991251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC20001251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC20011251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC20021251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC20031251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC20041251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC20051251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC20061251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 EXC20071251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SX19981241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SX19991241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SX20001241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SX20011241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SX20021241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SX20031241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SX20041241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SX20051241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SX20061241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SX20071241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SX20081241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SXS20011241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SXS20021241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SXS20031241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SXS20041241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SXS20051241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SXS20061241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SXS20071241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM125 SXS20081241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 EXC19982001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 EXC19992001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 EXC20002001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 EXC20012001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 EXC20022001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 EXC20032001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 EXC20042001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 EXC20052001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 MXC19982001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 MXC19992001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 MXC20002001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 MXC20012001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 MXC20022001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 MXC20032001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 SX20032001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM200 SX20042001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 SX20072491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 SX20082491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 SX20092501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 SX20102491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 SX20112491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 SX20122491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 SX20132491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 SX20142491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 SX20152491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 XC20072491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 XC20082491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 XC20092491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 XC20102491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 XC20112491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 XC20122491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 XC20132491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 XC20142491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM250 XC20152491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM300 EXC19943001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM300 EXC19953001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM300 EXC19963001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM300 EXC19973001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM300 EXC19983001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM300 EXC19993001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM300 EXC20003001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM300 EXC20013001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM300 MXC19943001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM300 MXC19953001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM300 MXC19963001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM300 MXC19973001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM350 EGS19903501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM350 EXC19893501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM350 EXC19903501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM350 MX19893501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM350 MX19903501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM350 MXC19873501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM360 EXC19963601w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM360 EXC19973601w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM360 SX19963601w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM360 SX19973601w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 EXC19983681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 EXC19993681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 EXC20003681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 EXC20013681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 EXC20023681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 MXC20003681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 MXC20013681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 MXC 12LT19983681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 MXC 12LT19993681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 SX19983681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 SX19993681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 SX20003681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 SX20013681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM380 SX20023681w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM440 MXC19944401w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM500 MX19855001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM500 MX19895001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM500 MX19905001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM500 MX19915001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM500 MX19925001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM500 MX19935001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM500 MXC19855001w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM550 MXC19945501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM550 MXC19955501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleKTM550 MXC19965501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM12519981251w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM12520021241w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25019872501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25019882501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25019892501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25019902501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25019912501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25019922501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25019932501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25019982501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25019992501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25020002501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25020012501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25020022501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25020032501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25020042501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25020052501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25020062501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25020072501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRM25020082501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRMX25019892501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRMX25019902501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRMX25019912501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRMX25019922501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRMX25019932501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRMX25019942501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleSuzukiRMX25019952501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaWR25019962501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaWR25019972501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25019962501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25019972501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25019982501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25019992501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020002501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020012501w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020022491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020032491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020042491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020052491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020062491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020072491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020082491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020092491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020102491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020112491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020122491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020132491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020142491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020152491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020162491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020172491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ25020182491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ250X20162491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ250X20172491w/ Rad Valve
MotorcycleYamahaYZ250X20182491w/ Rad Valve

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 18 August, 2020.

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