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Revolver Shift Lever w/ Orange Tip - For 12-16 250-500 XC/SXF & 03-16 450 exc


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  • SKU: ZE90-3423
  • Manufacturer: Zeta


For 12-16 250-500 XC/SXF & 03-16 450 exc

  • Color: Orange
  • Type: Shifter
  • UPC: 4547836220449
  • Rotating shift tip provides 6 different positions, offer more sensitive shift position adjustment.
  • Shift arm is made of A2014 forged aluminum for durability.
  • Forged arm is black anodized finish with laser print logo.
  • Foldable shift tip is made of CNC aluminum with knurled finish for better shift grip.
  • Shift tip is color anodized with ZETA laser print logo.

This part fits the following

MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F20122501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F20132501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F20142501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F Six Days20122501
MotorcycleKTM250 SX-F20112491
MotorcycleKTM250 SX-F20122491
MotorcycleKTM250 XC-F20112491
MotorcycleKTM250 XC-F20122491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W20112491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W20122491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W20132491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W20142491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W20152491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W20162501
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W Six Days20112491
MotorcycleKTM350 EXC-F20123501
MotorcycleKTM350 EXC-F20133501
MotorcycleKTM350 EXC-F20143501
MotorcycleKTM350 EXC-F20153501
MotorcycleKTM350 EXC-F20163501
MotorcycleKTM350 XCF-W20123501
MotorcycleKTM350 XCF-W20133501
MotorcycleKTM350 XCF-W20143501
MotorcycleKTM350 XCF-W20153501
MotorcycleKTM350 XCF-W20163501
MotorcycleKTM350 XCF-W Six Days20163501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20034501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20044501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20054501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20064501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20074501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20104501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20114501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20124501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20134501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20144501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20154491
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20164491
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Racing20034501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Racing20044501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Racing20054501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Racing20064501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Racing20074501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Six Days20104501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Six Days20114501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Six Days20124501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Six Days20134501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Six Days20144501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Six Days20154491
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Six Days20164491
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-F2003449.31
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-F2004449.31
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-F2005449.31
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-G Racing20034501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-G Racing20044501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-G Racing20064501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-R20084501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-R20094501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-R20104501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-R20114501
MotorcycleKTM450 SX-F20134491
MotorcycleKTM450 SX-F20144491
MotorcycleKTM450 SX-F20154491
MotorcycleKTM450 XC-F20134501
MotorcycleKTM450 XC-F20144501
MotorcycleKTM450 XC-F20154501
MotorcycleKTM450 XCF-W20134481
MotorcycleKTM450 XCF-W20144481
MotorcycleKTM450 XCF-W20154481
MotorcycleKTM500 EXC20125101
MotorcycleKTM500 EXC20135101
MotorcycleKTM500 EXC20145101
MotorcycleKTM500 EXC20155101
MotorcycleKTM500 EXC20165101
MotorcycleKTM500 EXC Six Days20125101
MotorcycleKTM500 EXC Six Days20165101
MotorcycleKTM500 EXC-F2012510.41
MotorcycleKTM500 EXC-F2013510.41
MotorcycleKTM500 EXC-F2014510.41
MotorcycleKTM500 EXC-F2015510.41
MotorcycleKTM500 EXC-F20165101
MotorcycleKTM500 XC-W20125101
MotorcycleKTM500 XC-W20135101
MotorcycleKTM500 XC-W20145101
MotorcycleKTM500 XC-W20155101
MotorcycleKTM500 XC-W20165001

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 26 October, 2021.

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