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Round Runner Bars 4"


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  • SKU: YAM-R2082-40
  • Manufacturer: Stud Boy


    • Front and rear carbide wear pads
    • Extra long 3/8" diameter studs to fit with ski skins
    • Angle cut at rear of bar to ease trailer unloading
    Large round host bars with virgin carbide inserts brazed to stay in place and hold an edge. Our bars are made to provide superior control on hard or icy surfaces and the deep profile adds additional control on soft conditions while providing long lasting durability.

    This part fits the following

    SnowmobileYamahaCS340 Ovation19901
    SnowmobileYamahaEX570E Exciter II LE19911
    SnowmobileYamahaEX570E Exciter II LE19921
    SnowmobileYamahaEX570R Exciter II19915691
    SnowmobileYamahaEX570R Exciter II19925691
    SnowmobileYamahaEX570R Exciter II19935691
    SnowmobileYamahaEX570STT Exciter II ST19935691
    SnowmobileYamahaEX570SXT Exciter II SX19935691
    SnowmobileYamahaOvation LE19903371
    SnowmobileYamahaOvation LE19923371
    SnowmobileYamahaOvation LE19933371
    SnowmobileYamahaOvation LE19943371
    SnowmobileYamahaOvation LE19953371
    SnowmobileYamahaOvation LE19963371
    SnowmobileYamahaOvation LE19973371
    SnowmobileYamahaOvation LE19983371
    SnowmobileYamahaOvation LE19993371
    SnowmobileYamahaPhazer II19944851
    SnowmobileYamahaPhazer II19954851
    SnowmobileYamahaPhazer II19964851
    SnowmobileYamahaPhazer II LE19944851
    SnowmobileYamahaPhazer II LE19954851
    SnowmobileYamahaPhazer II LE19964851
    SnowmobileYamahaPhazer II Mountain LITE19964851
    SnowmobileYamahaPhazer Mountain Lite19974851
    SnowmobileYamahaPhazer Mountain Lite19984851
    SnowmobileYamahaPhazer Mountain Lite19994851
    SnowmobileYamahaPhazer SS19974851
    SnowmobileYamahaPhazer SS19984851
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480EP Phazer II LE19904851
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480EP Phazer II LE19914851
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480EP Phazer II LE19924851
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480EP Phazer II LE19934851
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480P Phazer II19904081
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480P Phazer II19914081
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480P Phazer II19924081
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480P Phazer II19934081
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480STR Phazer II ST19914851
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480STR Phazer II ST19924851
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480STR Phazer II ST19934851
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480STR Phazer II ST19944851
    SnowmobileYamahaPZ480STR Phazer II ST19954851
    SnowmobileYamahaVenture TR19961
    SnowmobileYamahaVenture TR19971
    SnowmobileYamahaVK 540 II19985351
    SnowmobileYamahaVK 540 III19995351
    SnowmobileYamahaVK 540 III20005351
    SnowmobileYamahaVK 540 III20015351
    SnowmobileYamahaVK 540 III20025351
    SnowmobileYamahaVK 540 III20035351
    SnowmobileYamahaVK 540 III20045351
    SnowmobileYamahaVK 540 III20055351
    SnowmobileYamahaVT480 Venture XL19911
    SnowmobileYamahaVT480 Venture XL19921
    SnowmobileYamahaVT480 Venture XL19931
    SnowmobileYamahaVT480 Venture XL19941
    SnowmobileYamahaVT480 Venture XL19951
    SnowmobileYamahaVT480 Venture XL19961
    SnowmobileYamahaVT480 Venture XL19971
    SnowmobileYamahaVT480TR Venture TR19981

    This product was added to our catalog on Monday 18 November, 2019.

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