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Spark Plug BR8ES-SOLID - For 82-11 Honda Kawasaki Polaris Yamaha Sea-Doo


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  • Model: 3961
  • Manufactured by: NGK


For 82-11 Honda Kawasaki Polaris Yamaha Sea-Doo

  • Electrical Resistance: 5k Ohms
  • Electrode Tip Material: Nickel Alloy
  • Heat Range: 8
  • Hex Size Imperial: 13/16"
  • Hex Size Metric: 20.6 mm
  • Spark Gap: 0,8 mm,0,8 mm (0,031")
  • Spark Gap Imperial: 0.031"
  • Spark Gap Metric: 0.8 mm
  • Style: BR8ES-SOLID
  • Terminal Configuration: Solid Terminal
  • Thread Reach Imperial: 3/4"
  • Thread Reach Metric: 19.1 mm
  • Type: Resistor Type
  • UPC: 087295139615
  • Listed price is for individual spark plug
  • Spark plugs sold individually
  • To receive box, order listed box quantity

Spark Plug Types - NGK Spark Plugs - Tech Video

This part fits the following

ATV / SxSPolarisBig Boss 250 4x619891
ATV / SxSPolarisBig Boss 250 4x619901
ATV / SxSPolarisBig Boss 250 4x619911
ATV / SxSPolarisBig Boss 250 4x619921
ATV / SxSPolarisBig Boss 250 6x619911
ATV / SxSPolarisBig Boss 250 6x619921
ATV / SxSPolarisBig Boss 250 6x619931
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 25019851
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 25019861
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 400 2x420004001
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 400 2x420014001
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 400 2x420024001
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 400 4X419951
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 400 4x419963771
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 400 4x419973771
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 400 4x419983771
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 400 4x419993771
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 400 4x420003771
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 400 4x420013771
ATV / SxSPolarisScrambler 400 4x420023771
ATV / SxSPolarisSport 400L19954001
ATV / SxSPolarisSport 400L19964001
ATV / SxSPolarisSport 400L19974001
ATV / SxSPolarisSport 400L19981
ATV / SxSPolarisSport 400L19994001
ATV / SxSPolarisSportsman 400 4x419943771
ATV / SxSPolarisSportsman 400 4x419953771
ATV / SxSPolarisSportsman 400 4x419963771
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25019902501
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25019912441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25019922441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25019932441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25019942441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25019952441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25019962441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25019972441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25019982441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25019992441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25020002441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25020012441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25020022441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25020032811
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25020042441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25020052441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 25020062441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Blazer 400 2x420034001
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 25019912441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 25019922441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 25019932441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 25019942441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 25019952441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 25019962441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 25019972441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 25019982441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 25019992441
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 350L 2x419901
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 350L 2x419911
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 350L 2x419923501
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 350L 2x419931
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 350L 4X419901
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 350L 4X419911
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 350L 4X419921
ATV / SxSPolarisTrail Boss 350L 4X419931
ATV / SxSPolarisXplorer 300 4x419962811
ATV / SxSPolarisXplorer 300 4x419972811
ATV / SxSPolarisXplorer 300 4x419982811
ATV / SxSPolarisXplorer 300 4x419992811
ATV / SxSPolarisXplorer 400 4X419951
ATV / SxSPolarisXplorer 400 4X419963781
ATV / SxSPolarisXplorer 400 4X419973781
ATV / SxSPolarisXplorer 400 4X419983781
ATV / SxSPolarisXplorer 400 4X419993781
ATV / SxSPolarisXplorer 400 4X420003781
ATV / SxSPolarisXplorer 400 4X420013781
ATV / SxSPolarisXpress 400L19964001
ATV / SxSPolarisXpress 400L19974001
Personal WatercraftKawasaki550 SX (JS550-C)1990530 mL1
Personal WatercraftKawasaki550 SX (JS550-C)1993530 mL1
Personal WatercraftKawasaki550 SX (JS550-C)1994530 mL1
Personal WatercraftKawasaki550 SX (JS550-C)1995530 mL1
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 SS19927441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 SS19937441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 SS19947441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 SS19957441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 SS19967441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 SS19977441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 Super Sport Xi19937441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 Super Sport Xi19947441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 Super Sport Xi19957441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 Super Sport Xi19967441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 Super Sport Xi19977441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 XiR19941
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 ZXi19957441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 ZXi19967441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJH750 ZXi19977441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS55019825501
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS55019835501
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS55019845501
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS55019855501
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS55019865501
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS55019875501
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS55019885501
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS55019895501
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS550 SX19915301
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS550 SX19925301
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS750 SX19927441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS750 SX19937441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS750 SX19947441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS750 SX19957441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS750 SXi19957441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS750 SXi19967441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS750 SXi Pro19987441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS750 SXi Pro19997441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS750 SXi Pro20007441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS750 SXi Pro20017441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS750 SXi Pro20027441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS800 SX-R20038001
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS800 SX-R20048001
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS800 SX-R20058001
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS800 SX-R20068001
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS800 SX-R20078001
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS800 SX-R20088001
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS800 SX-R20098001
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS800 SX-R20108001
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJS800 SX-R20118001
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJT750 ST19947501
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJT750 ST19957501
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJT750 STS19957441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJT750 STS19967441
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJT750 STS19977501
Personal WatercraftKawasakiJT750 STX19986501
Personal WatercraftSea DooGSX19967821
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTI19967181
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTI19977181
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTI19987181
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTI20007181
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTI20017181
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTX19946501
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTX19956501
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTX19967821
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTX19977821
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTX19987821
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTX19997821
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTX20007821
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTX20017821
Personal WatercraftSea DooGTX20027821
Personal WatercraftSea DooHX19957181
Personal WatercraftSea DooHX19967181
Personal WatercraftSea DooHX19977181
Personal WatercraftSea DooSPX19957821
Personal WatercraftSea DooSPX19967821
Personal WatercraftSea DooXP19967821
Personal WatercraftSea-Doo3D 8002005782cc1
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGS 7201997718cc1
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGS 7201998718cc1
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGS 7201999718cc1
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGS 7202000718cc1
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGS 7202001718cc1
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGSI 72019971
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGSX 8001997782cc1
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGSX 8001998782cc1
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGSX 8001999782cc1
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGSX 8002000782cc1
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGSX LTD 9501997951.21
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGSX LTD 9501998951.21
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGSX LTD 9501999951.21
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTI20051
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTI 72019991
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTI 7202002718cc1
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTI 7202003718cc1
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTI 80020041
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTS 72019977181
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTS 72019987181
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTS 72019997181
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTS 72020007181
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTS 72020017181
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTX20009501
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTX20019501
Personal WatercraftSea-DooGTX20029501
Personal WatercraftSea-DooRX20009501
Personal WatercraftSea-DooRX20019501
Personal WatercraftSea-DooRX20029501
Personal WatercraftSea-DooRX X20019501
Personal WatercraftSea-DooRX X20029501
Personal WatercraftSea-DooSPX19978001
Personal WatercraftSea-DooSPX19988001
Personal WatercraftSea-DooSPX19998001
Personal WatercraftSea-DooSPX 65019941
Personal WatercraftSea-DooXP19978001
Personal WatercraftSea-DooXP20009501
Personal WatercraftSea-DooXP20019501
Personal WatercraftSea-DooXP20029501
Personal WatercraftSea-DooXP 65019931
Personal WatercraftSea-DooXP 65019941
Personal WatercraftSea-DooXP LTD 80019951
Personal WatercraftYamahaGP800 WaveRunner19988001
Personal WatercraftYamahaGP800 WaveRunner19998001
Personal WatercraftYamahaGP800 WaveRunner20008001
Personal WatercraftYamahaGP800 WaveRunner20018001
Personal WatercraftYamahaGP800 WaveRunner20028001
Personal WatercraftYamahaGP800 WaveRunner20038001
Personal WatercraftYamahaGP800 WaveRunner20048001
Personal WatercraftYamahaGP800 WaveRunner20058001
Personal WatercraftYamahaXA800A WaveRunner XLT20021
Personal WatercraftYamahaXA800A WaveRunner XLT20031
Personal WatercraftYamahaXA800A WaveRunner XLT20041

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