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MAF Sensor Adapter - MAFS Adapter Universal 4"


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  • Model: 81403
  • Dimensional Shipping Weight: 0.8lbs
  • Manufactured by: SPECTRE


MAFS Adapter Universal 4"

  • Hardware Included: No
  • Inlet Diameter: 4 in (102 mm)
  • Inside Diameter: 4.375 in (111 mm)
  • Material Used: Aluminum
  • Package Contents: 2 Adapters, 1 Duct
  • Product Box Height: 6.00 in (152 mm)
  • Product Box Length: 4.00 in (102 mm)
  • Product Box Width: 5.50 in (140 mm)
  • Product Style: Spectre Accessories
  • Product Weight: 0.58 lb (0.26 kg)
  • Replaces: SPE-L81403
  • UPC: 89601814032
  • Weight: 0.6 lb (0.3 kg)
Spectre's Universal Mass Air Flow Sensor Adapter allows an air filter with a 4 inch inlet or a 4 inch intake tube with coupler to be mounted directly to the mass air flow sensor. This adapter fits Chrysler/Dodge/Mitsubishi mass air flow sensor tubes with 4 3/8 inch by 2 3/8 inch bolt hole dimensions (won't fit 1988-1994 Eclipse). Featuring an aluminum body with ABS components, this adapter kit may require drilling additional holes for various applications.

This part fits the following

AutomotiveChryslerSebring20012.4L L4 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveChryslerSebring20013.0L V6 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveChryslerSebring20022.4L L4 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveChryslerSebring20023.0L V6 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveChryslerSebring20032.4L L4 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveChryslerSebring20033.0L V6 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveChryslerSebring20042.4L L4 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveChryslerSebring20043.0L V6 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveChryslerSebring20052.4L L4 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveChryslerSebring20053.0L V6 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveDodgeStratus20012.4L L4 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveDodgeStratus20013.0L V6 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveDodgeStratus20022.4L L4 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveDodgeStratus20023.0L V6 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveDodgeStratus20032.4L L4 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveDodgeStratus20033.0L V6 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveDodgeStratus20042.4L L4 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveDodgeStratus20043.0L V6 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveDodgeStratus20052.4L L4 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveDodgeStratus20053.0L V6 F/I1Coupe
AutomotiveEagleSummit19942.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveEagleSummit19952.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveEagleSummit19962.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveEagleTalon TSi19952.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveEagleTalon TSi19962.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveEagleTalon TSi19972.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveEagleTalon TSi19982.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishi3000GT19913.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishi3000GT19923.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishi3000GT19933.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishi3000GT19943.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishi3000GT19953.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishi3000GT19963.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishi3000GT19973.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishi3000GT19983.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishi3000GT19993.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante19923.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante19933.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante19943.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante19953.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante19963.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante19973.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante19983.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante19993.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante20003.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante20013.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante20023.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante20033.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiDiamante20043.5L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse19952.0L L4 F/I1Turbo
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse19962.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse19972.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse19982.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse19992.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse20002.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse20003.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse20012.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse20013.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse20022.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse20023.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse20032.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse20033.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse20042.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse20043.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse20052.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiEclipse20053.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant19942.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant19952.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant19962.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant19972.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant19982.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant19992.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant19993.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant20002.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant20003.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant20012.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant20013.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant20022.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant20023.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant20032.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiGalant20033.0L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiLancer20022.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiLancer20032.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiLancer20042.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiLancer20052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiLancer20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiLancer20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiMirage19981.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiMirage19991.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiMirage20001.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiMirage20011.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveMitsubishiMirage20021.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotivePlymouthColt19942.4L L4 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero19923.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero19933.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero19943.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero19943.5L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero19953.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero19953.5L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero19963.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero19963.5L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero19973.5L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero19983.5L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero19993.5L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero20003.5L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero Sport19972.4L L4 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero Sport19982.4L L4 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero Sport19992.4L L4 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero Sport19993.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero Sport20003.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero Sport20013.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero Sport20023.0L V6 F/I1
SUVMitsubishiMontero Sport20033.0L V6 F/I1
TruckDodgeRam 5019913.0L V6 F/I1
TruckMitsubishiMighty Max19913.0L V6 F/I1
TruckMitsubishiMighty Max19923.0L V6 F/I1
TruckMitsubishiMighty Max19933.0L V6 F/I1
TruckMitsubishiMighty Max19943.0L V6 F/I1

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