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Monotube Fork Cartridge & Spring Kit - Honda Gold Wing 1800


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  • Model: 31-2511
  • Manufactured by: Progressive


Honda Gold Wing 1800

  • Warranty: Yes
  • Warranty Length: Limited Lifetime
Kit converts dual damper rod, AND damper rod / cartridge forks to true high performance Monotube Cartridge Forks! This kit contains a pair of high performance, gas charged Mono-tube fork cartridges complete with a set of P.S.I.'s famous fork springs and is a direct internal component replacement. No modification to forks is required.

This part fits the following

MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20011800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20021800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20031800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20041800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20051800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20061800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20071800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20081800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20091800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20101832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20121832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20131832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20141832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing20151800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing Airbag20071800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing Airbag20081800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing Airbag20091800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing Airbag20101832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing Airbag20121832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing Airbag20131832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing Airbag20141832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800 Gold Wing Airbag20151832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800A Gold Wing ABS20011800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800A Gold Wing ABS20021800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800A Gold Wing ABS20031800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800A Gold Wing ABS20041800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800A Gold Wing ABS20051800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800A Gold Wing ABS20101832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800A Gold Wing ABS20121832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800B Gold Wing F6B20131832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800B Gold Wing F6B20141832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800B Gold Wing F6B20151832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800B Gold Wing F6B Deluxe20131832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800B Gold Wing F6B Deluxe20141832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800B Gold Wing F6B Deluxe20151832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HP Gold Wing AC20061800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HP Gold Wing AC20091800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HP Gold Wing AC20101832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HP Gold Wing AC20121832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HP Gold Wing AC20131832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HP Gold Wing AC20141832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HP Gold Wing AC20151832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPN Gold Wing ACN20061800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPN Gold Wing ACN20071800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPN Gold Wing ACN20081800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPN Gold Wing ACN20091800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPN Gold Wing ACN20101832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNA Gold Wing ACN ABS20061800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNA Gold Wing ACN ABS20071800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNA Gold Wing ACN ABS20081800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNA Gold Wing ACN ABS20091800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNA Gold Wing ACN ABS20101832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNA Gold Wing ACN ABS20121832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNM Gold Wing ACN XM20121832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNM Gold Wing ACN XM20131832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNM Gold Wing ACN XM20141832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNM Gold Wing ACN XM20151832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNM Gold Wing ACN XM ABS20121832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNM Gold Wing ACN XM ABS20131832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNM Gold Wing ACN XM ABS20141832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800HPNM Gold Wing ACN XM ABS20151832Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800P Gold Wing PA20061800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800P Gold Wing PA20071800Front1
MotorcycleHondaGL1800P Gold Wing PA20081800Front1

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 13 June, 2019.

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