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Twist Throttle Conversion Kit - For 95-16 Honda


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  • Model: 01-0377
  • Dimensional Shipping Weight: 2.4lbs
  • Manufactured by: Motion Pro


For 95-16 Honda

    • Converts thumb throttle to straight pull-type motorcycle throttle
    • Kits are complete with throttle, cable and fittings if needed
    • All kits are packaged with part numbers and applications

    This part fits the following

    ATVHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES20003501
    ATVHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES20013501
    ATVHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES20023501
    ATVHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES20033501
    ATVHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES20043501
    ATVHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES20053501
    ATVHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES20063501
    ATVHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x420003501
    ATVHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x420013501
    ATVHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x420023501
    ATVHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x420033501
    ATVHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x420043501
    ATVHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x420053501
    ATVHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x420063501
    ATVHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES20003501
    ATVHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES20013501
    ATVHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES20023501
    ATVHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES20033501
    ATVHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES20043501
    ATVHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES20053501
    ATVHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES20063501
    ATVHondaTRX350TM Rancher20003501
    ATVHondaTRX350TM Rancher20013501
    ATVHondaTRX350TM Rancher20023251
    ATVHondaTRX350TM Rancher20033251
    ATVHondaTRX350TM Rancher20043251
    ATVHondaTRX350TM Rancher20053251
    ATVHondaTRX350TM Rancher20063501
    ATVHondaTRX400FA Rancher AT20044001
    ATVHondaTRX400FA Rancher AT20054001
    ATVHondaTRX400FA Rancher AT20064001
    ATVHondaTRX400FA Rancher AT20074001
    ATVHondaTRX400FGA Rancher AT GPScape20043971
    ATVHondaTRX400FGA Rancher AT GPScape20053971
    ATVHondaTRX400FGA Rancher AT GPScape20063971
    ATVHondaTRX400FGA Rancher AT GPScape20073971
    ATVHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x419953951
    ATVHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x419963951
    ATVHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x419973951
    ATVHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x419983951
    ATVHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x419993951
    ATVHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x420003951
    ATVHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x420013951
    ATVHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x420023951
    ATVHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x420033951
    ATVHondaTRX450ES Foreman ES19984331
    ATVHondaTRX450ES Foreman ES19994331
    ATVHondaTRX450ES Foreman ES20004331
    ATVHondaTRX450ES Foreman ES20014331
    ATVHondaTRX450FE Foreman ES20024331
    ATVHondaTRX450FE Foreman ES20034331
    ATVHondaTRX450FE Foreman ES20044501
    ATVHondaTRX450FM Foreman S20024501
    ATVHondaTRX450FM Foreman S20034331
    ATVHondaTRX450FM Foreman S20044501
    ATVHondaTRX450S Foreman S19984501
    ATVHondaTRX450S Foreman S19994501
    ATVHondaTRX450S Foreman S20004501
    ATVHondaTRX450S Foreman S20014501
    ATVHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon20015001
    ATVHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon20025001
    ATVHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon20035001
    ATVHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon20045001
    ATVHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon20055001
    ATVHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon20065001
    ATVHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon20075001
    ATVHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon20085001
    ATVHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon20095001
    ATVHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon20115001
    ATVHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon20124991
    ATVHondaTRX500FGA Foreman Rubicon GPScape20045001
    ATVHondaTRX500FGA Foreman Rubicon GPScape20055001
    ATVHondaTRX500FGA Foreman Rubicon GPScape20065001
    ATVHondaTRX500FGA Foreman Rubicon GPScape20075001
    ATVHondaTRX500FGA Foreman Rubicon GPScape20085001
    ATVHondaTRX500FM Foreman 4x420134751
    ATVHondaTRX650FA Rincon20036441
    ATVHondaTRX650FA Rincon20046441
    ATVHondaTRX650FA Rincon20056441
    ATVHondaTRX650FGA Rincon GPScape20046501
    ATVHondaTRX650FGA Rincon GPScape20056501
    ATVHondaTRX680FA Rincon20066801
    ATVHondaTRX680FA Rincon20076801
    ATVHondaTRX680FA Rincon20086801
    ATVHondaTRX680FA Rincon20096801
    ATVHondaTRX680FA Rincon20106801
    ATVHondaTRX680FA Rincon20116801
    ATVHondaTRX680FA Rincon20126801
    ATVHondaTRX680FA Rincon20136801
    ATVHondaTRX680FA Rincon20146801
    ATVHondaTRX680FA Rincon20156801
    ATVHondaTRX680FA Rincon20166801
    ATVHondaTRX680FGA Rincon GPScape20066801
    ATVHondaTRX680FGA Rincon GPScape20076801
    ATVHondaTRX680FGA Rincon GPScape20086801
    ATVHondaTRX680FGA Rincon GPScape20096801

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