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Universal Chrome Air Filter - 2-1/4"O/S FLG, 5-1/2"OD, 2-1/2"H


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  • Model: RC-0650
  • Manufactured by: K&N


2-1/4"O/S FLG, 5-1/2"OD, 2-1/2"H

  • Air Filter Shape: Round
  • Filter Material: Cotton Gauze
  • Filter Re-Oiling Amount: 0.47 oz (14 ml)
  • Flange Angle: 0 degrees
  • Flange Center to Center: 0 in (0 mm)
  • Flange Inside Diameter: 2.25 in (57 mm)
  • Flange Length: 0.625 in (16 mm)
  • Flange Offset: 0.813 in (21 mm)
  • Flange Type: Offset
  • Flanges: 1
  • Frame Design: Flexible
  • Height: 2.5 in (64 mm)
  • Inner Wire: No
  • Inside Diameter: 0 in (0 mm)
  • Oil Included: Filter Is Pre-Oiled
  • Outside Diameter: 5.5 in (140 mm)
  • Package Contents: 1 Air Filter
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Pre-Screened: No
  • Product Box Height: 6.63 in (168 mm)
  • Product Box Length: 6.50 in (165 mm)
  • Product Box Width: 3.63 in (92 mm)
  • Product Style: Round Straight Universal Air Filter
  • Product Weight: 1.11 lb (0.50 kg)
  • Top Material: Chrome
  • Top Material/Finish: Chrome
  • Top Style: Metal
  • UPC: 24844007414
  • Washable: Yes
  • Weight: 1.1 lb (0.5 kg)
K&N's Universal Air Filters are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of applications including racing vehicles, radio-controlled cars, generators, snowmobiles, tractors, and other applications. Regardless of the angle or offset diameter of t he air intake, there is probably a K&N Universal air filter for your equipment. All filters are constructed with ultra-strong molded pliable rubber flanges which absorb vibration and allow for secure attachment and can also be stretched for up to 1/16" (1.5mm) to fit in-between sizes. K&N universal air filters are washable and reusable.

This part fits the following

AutomotiveFordCapri19681.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri19691.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri19691.6L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri19701.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri19701.6L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri19711.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri19711.6L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri19721.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri19721.6L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri19731.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri19731.6L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri19741.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri19741.6L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri II19741.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri II19741.6L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri II19751.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri II19761.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCapri II19771.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCortina19681.3L L4 CARB1Ford lV
AutomotiveFordCortina19691.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCortina19701.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk219671.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk319701.3L L4 CARB11300
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk319711.3L L4 CARB11300
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk319721.3L L4 CARB11300
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk319721.6L L4 CARB11600
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk319731.3L L4 CARB11300
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk319731.6L L4 CARB11600
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk319741.6L L4 CARB11600
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk319751.6L L4 CARB11600
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk319761.6L L4 CARB11600
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk3/4/519701.6L L4 CARB11600
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk3/4/519711.6L L4 CARB11600
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk4/519791.6L L4 CARB11600
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk4/519801.6L L4 CARB11600
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk4/519811.6L L4 CARB11600
AutomotiveFordCortina Mk4/519821.6L L4 CARB11600
AutomotiveFordEscort I19681.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19741.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19751.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19751.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19761.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19761.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19771.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19771.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19781.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19781.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19791.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19791.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19801.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordEscort II19801.3L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19760.9L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19770.9L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19771.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19781.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19791.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19800.9L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19801.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19810.9L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19811.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19820.9L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19821.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19830.9L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta19831.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta I19771.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta I19781.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta I19791.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta I19801.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta I19811.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta I19821.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta I19831.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveFordFiesta II19831.1L L4 CARB1
AutomotiveRoverMetro19901.1L L4 CARB1C, L, S, K Series
AutomotiveRoverMetro19911.1L L4 CARB1C, L, S, K Series
AutomotiveRoverMetro19921.1L L4 CARB1C, L, S, K Series
AutomotiveRoverMetro19931.1L L4 CARB1C, L, S, K Series
AutomotiveTriumphHerald196870 L4 CARB1Weber 34 ICH
AutomotiveTriumphHerald196970 L4 CARB1Weber 34 ICH
AutomotiveTriumphHerald197070 L4 CARB1Weber 34 ICH
VanFordTransit19781.6L L4 CARB1Ford lV
VanFordTransit19791.6L L4 CARB1Ford lV
VanFordTransit19801.6L L4 CARB1Ford lV
VanFordTransit19811.6L L4 CARB1Ford VV
VanFordTransit 7719772.0L L4 CARB1Ford lV
VanFordTransit 7719782.0L L4 CARB1Ford lV
VanFordTransit 7719792.0L L4 CARB1Ford lV
VanFordTransit 7719802.0L L4 CARB1Ford lV
VanFordTransit 7719812.0L L4 CARB1Ford lV

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 27 September, 2016.

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