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Rear Wheel Bearing Kit


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  • SKU: PWRWK-H19-040
  • Manufacturer: Pivot Works


  • Type: Wheel Bearing & Seal Kit
  • UPC: 714205976595
  • Complete kit of bearing and seals
  • Quality bearings feature durable rubber seals on both sides for protection from sand and water
  • Meets or exceeds OEM quality at a fraction of the cost

This part fits the following

ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2000350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2001350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2002350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2003350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2004350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2005350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FE Rancher 4x4 ES2006350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42000350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42001350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42002350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42003350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42004350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42005350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350FM Rancher 4x42006350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2000350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2001350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2002350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2003350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2004350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2005350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TE Rancher ES2006350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2000350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2001350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2002325rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2003325rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2004325rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2005325rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX350TM Rancher2006350rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FA Rancher AT2004400rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FA Rancher AT2005400rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FA Rancher AT2006400rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FA Rancher AT2007400rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FGA Rancher AT GPScape2004397rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FGA Rancher AT GPScape2005397rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FGA Rancher AT GPScape2006397rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FGA Rancher AT GPScape2007397rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x41995395rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x41996395rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x41997395rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x41998395rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x41999395rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x42000395rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x42001395rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x42002395rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX400FW Foreman 4x42003395rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450ES Foreman ES1998433rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450ES Foreman ES1999433rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450ES Foreman ES2000433rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450ES Foreman ES2001433rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FE Foreman ES2002433rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FE Foreman ES2003433rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FE Foreman ES2004450rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FM Foreman S2002450rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FM Foreman S2003433rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450FM Foreman S2004450rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S1998450rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S1999450rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S2000450rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX450S Foreman S2001450rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2001500rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2002500rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2003500rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2004500rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2005500rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2006500rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2007500rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2008500rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2009500rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2011500rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FA Foreman Rubicon2012499rear1
ATV / SxSHondaTRX500FM Foreman 4x42013475rear1

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 09 October, 2018.

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